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Hello RPC!


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Hi there all you lovely people out in RPC land!


I'm a little remiss in the order of doing things. I signed on, played a few characters, found a FC, threw myself at RP and now...now I'm making an introduction post! :D


A little about my character;

My character's name is Y'rhenasi.  She's a little wary Seeker who somehow ended up

working for the mob whose home is stationed in the Lavender Beds. While the scenery is nice, she often bemoans all the rain! 


 When not tasked with keeping the FC house spotless, she tends bar and is also a licensed masseuse!  She doesn't dance though - those two left feet get in the way...a lot.  Once in awhile you can catch her singing a pirate diddy while working.


A little about me;

I've been rping for a little over 12 years in some form or another; in game, forums, text, etc. 

I enjoy interacting with people and so happy I found such an involved community. So far everyone I've met has been really nice, especially the folks in my FC.


Looking forward to immersing myself and Rhen more into the community!



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