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New To Balmung and FFXIV rp!


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Hello there my fellow roleplayers and Final Fantasy fans! I just made the switch to Balmung yesterday. I'm still pretty new to Final Fantasy XIV in general and extra new to the roleplaying aspect (of final fantasy). I'm super excited to get started, but I must admit I'm a little scared to jump in and I'm not sure the best place to start. So I've decided to use the provided template!


--MMORPG background

I don't have much MMORPG background, way back when I played Runescape through most of my childhood. Last year I also dedicated myself to Blade and Soul for a few months after it was first released but eventually lost interest. Last but not least, I've tested a few MMOs but none have really stuck, such as Elder Scrolls, Archeage, Tera, and then some. But I'm really loving the feel of Final Fantasy so far!


--RP experience

I've been roleplaying for as long as I can remember, my oldest cousin got me started in it when I was about eight. (Oh god some of the cringest roleplays ever.) The bulk of my roleplaying started between friends in private groups. I eventually began my real roleplaying days on Chatango in organized groups. My most dedicated roleplays have all been on Gaiaonline and I still roleplay on there pretty frequently. My posts on Gaia tend to go anywhere between 500-1000 words a post, but I definitely don't want to type such long posts frequently on Final Fantasy. I'm a sucker for all different types of roleplay from slice of life, to drama, and then some.


--Character ideas/info

So I have an Au Ra character and I've been thinking on her quite a bit. My idea for her is a bit of a con-artist. All she cares about (at least on a surface level) is gil. She's done everything from selling fake elixirs at high prices to gullible nobles to creating entire schemes that tend to go a little overboard. Her rate of success varies from time to time, but she's very resilient and with failure comes a lesson learned. Not to mention, if things get too sticky, she's swift on her feet and skilled at escaping pursuers. She's dabbled in a few different crimes from time to time for the sake of coin, but cons and thieving is where her expertise lies. The silver-tongued Raen is rather selfish at first glance, charismatic, and quite the actress. But, beneath the surface she can actually be very mature and caring. Many might notice that when she doesn't have a con going on she can be a little too blunt. I don't have a backstory laid out for her yet and I definitely want to get a better grip on the lore before I do.  

--How did you learn about the coalition?




--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I'm going to aim at medium, at least until I'm more comfortable with role playing on Final Fantasy and get a better grip on the lore and the different styles of role play on here.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I'm a twenty year-old female currently procrastinating college and planning to major in psychology. I work full time as a waitress and I work third shift (that fun 9pm-7am hours in the dead of night). I spend a lot of time with family and friends in my free time and I also play League Of Legends about as much as I've been playing Final Fantasy of late. That's about all I can think of...





So in conclusion, I'd love to hear some suggestions about the best place to get started and things I may need to know or do before I jump in. I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully meeting some of you in game!

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Hello there and welcome to the RPC and to Balmung! It sounds like you have a solid background in RP that will transition nicely into FF as you get your feet wet. Character concept sounds solid and I think you will definitely find some like minded individuals in the groups on here (I will wait for Kasi to chime in on this one :D for you). I know it can be a little nerve wracking to jump right in, but the community on Balmung is one of the best. Just think everyone who is on the server is there with the same intention as you...To make the most out of their RP! When I think of it like that it certainly helps me take the edge off when approaching new people.


That said, if you want to spectate or see how everyone RP's you can check out some of the smaller taverns or events in the game. I personally learn best by doing so I like to tell people to jump right in and RP with someone (Reach out to any of the awesome people on this thread!).


If you have any questions or just want to get your feet wet in an easy RP environment feel free to send me a tell or message!

PS: woohoo psych majors, we are taking over from the writers/english majors on RP haha!

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC, Balmung, and FFXIV! :thumbsup:


We all had to start somewhere with RP anyway- mine was pretty cringy back when I started too. Adapting to MMO can be both interesting and challenging from the standpoint that where most traditional RPG's pause when you're offline, the MMO RP community is always-on, always-changing. It's a living breathing world, and can lend itself to an incredible sense of immersion. So, all in all? Not only is FFXIV a fantastic game in and of itself, but the support it has for roleplayers is where it truly comes alive. The Balmung community in particular is full of vibrant roleplayers and overall is a very proactive, involving and friendly group. 


But, moving on to what Deahfel alluded to... considering you're contemplating taking a dive into the criminal niche of the community, I'd strongly encourage you to have a look at the Mischief's Coven (I link the free company/guild post below in my signature). Yeah, I'm shamelessly biased- but, if you need a starting point to make your entry, I think we can get you set up pretty well! 


Regardless, getting yourself an RP free company is a good first step to putting down roots and interacting with other characters. In addition, you can also look into joining some linkshells as well, and even tossing up a post on the Making Connections forums. There, you can make directed, specific arrangements with other players in a more one-on-one context. Last but not least, there's random PUG RP all over Ul'dah- but of course, your milage will vary!

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As Deahfel said, you should find your way in the community pretty quickly. With your character being a bit on the shady side I am certain that you can find some RP with plenty of the groups that operate on the other side of the law or the morally grey areas. 


Good luck and welcome to the server.

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Hey there! Welcome to the RPC and FFXIV!


I still have a lot of my early writing and it is really, really bad. I'd like think I've gotten better over six years though. :P


FFXIV should keep you busy for quite a while and the Balmung community seems pretty enjoyable to me (wouldn't really know being as I've only been on Siren and Mateus).


I love your character idea and if you're ever interested in trying out some Forum RP sometime (it's all I've been doing recently), I'm usually pretty open and I have three characters, one of which I think would be a good complement to yours.


Anywho, enjoy your time here!


~ From an Education Major

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes and the helpful advice. I think I'll make Making Connections my starting point just to get my feet wet. I absolutely love the concept for The Mischief's Coven however, and you'll probably see Kana in there pretty soon!

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