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Changing RP Wiki Title

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Quick question: so I have my RP wiki set up and good to go, but my character is currently engaged. Once she gets married, she'll of course be changing her last name to her husband's. With that being said, would I be able to change my character's last name on the page title, or will I have to search her up by the name she'll have when she's married and make a new page for her there? Thanks in advance!

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You can use a redirection tag on other pages with alternative names.


#REDIRECT [[Name of your main page/character]]


If you want the new married name to be the default main page with the article, then you will have to create a new page and transfer all the info on that one, and then remove all the info on the old, pre wedding page and put a single redirect tag as formated above on the page and it will point to the new page.


I would even advise doing that just in case pages of other people still point to your old one. It would take the change seamlessly.

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Actually, the easiest way to do this is to move the page. :)


In the upper-right corner of every page, there's a little down arrow next to the Read, Edit, and View History buttons. Click on that to get a menu; you can then click "Move". Enter the new title for the page in the box and click the "Move Page" button. This will both change the name of the page and automatically create the redirect from the old page.

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