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Hi, my name is Lars and I'm an RPer

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my name is Lars and I'm an RPer.


*Imagines hearing an obligatory: "Hi Lars"*


I like long walks on the beach, wine and dine, and I have ten cats.




Alright, all of those things are the opposite of true, except that I do like to dine.. And RP.


Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself. Nothing too serious or anything.  :P I'm looking forward to playing FF XIV, that's for sure. I can't wait for more classes and cosmetic features to be unlocked.

If anyone desires any additional information, just ask!


"I shall lurk moar!" as the internet saying goes.

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Thank you :-)


Well, it's four in the afternoon here in Norway...


It might be a bit early to drink, but it's never too early to

think about it, haha :-)


Hmm, wine and forum posting... Well, I have to admit that I'm

classy enough to pull that off, but I still prefer beer. :-)

Chinese Tsing Tao, or American Budweiser are two

favorites of mine.

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Aye, m'lady Asyun

as my viking vessel sail the frozen fjords of Norway, my lips

enjoy a tasty mug of Budweiser. I look to my brothers in arms.

We are all weary of this fight. Not because we are tired, but

because our struggle seems to move in one direction only...

towards chaos.


Should anything happen to me, Asyun... should my skills fail

me, or my ambition lead me astray, do not seek retribution

or revenge in my memory, but fight to continue the search

for the truth, and the remaining budweisers in my fridge,

so that all may benefit. My story is one of many thousands,

and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon....



... Hehe, maybe I did touch the wine a little bit :roll:

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