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I have a few questions concerning lalafell's. I haven't been able to find exactly there heights let it be known that they are toddler size but what is considered a short or very tall lalafell?

The plainsfolk dig extensive tunnels under there towns is this for storage, safety, travel? Do they allow none lalafell's in them if they can fit that is?

How long do lalafell's live?


Any information provided is greatly appreciated! Just making my character backstory.

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I don't know anything about the tunnels, but it sounds like hobbiton from the opinions I've heard. I also wouldn't say that Lalafell are quite toddler sized:




Zolku was one of the medium sized choices for Lalafell as I recall (feel free to correct me, dude~) and he comes up to a fair height next to Xenedra, who, in that picture, is not the shortest Miqo'te. Granted, Miqo'te are a little more petite than Hyur, but then there's your giant Elezen example! I ThInk that Oskar was the tallest Elezen you can be, but I'm really not sure, so if anyone would like to correct me there... either way, I thought the comparison might help your visual gauge as far as Lala-height.


Lalafell life spans are considerable, there's one in game (1.0) in the blackmage quests that I can site who's at LEAST 100. Sooomewhere, probably on the lodestone there's a post that addresses longevity of each race that you might want to try and find. I would also maybe ask lore question like this on the official lore forum if people here aren't sure about it :)http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/forums/491-Lore

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Oskar was largest-size elezen, yes.  :dodgy:


There is some what I will call "rough observations" about various racial/gender/clan heights on THIS THREAD which may help you out a little bit.  Please note these are not exact or meant to be any kind of an official thing.  When NDA lifts we are planning to include specific information that led us to these figures.  The ranges are probably a bit broader but I think we determined that an average lalafell was just shy of 3 feet (or "fulms" if we assume that that is comparable).


I recall the bit about lalafells lifespan being in excess of 100 years/cycles as well, but don't know much about the other four races to say whether that's a lot or not.  The information just isn't there, but it would make a good question for the official Lore forum if it hasn't already been asked.  :thumbsup:

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It's implied lalafell are the longest lived of the races, they also do not particularly show their age physically as the other races do, usually maintaining a youthful demeanor until they kick the bucket.


But if I recall there's been no formal statement on the lifespans of the races.

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I'm hoping, with the addition of the Lore forums to the official forums, that they'll add details like average height, weight and lifespans for each race.


Until then, I'm presuming (for age only!) that, while there might be slight differences, most of the races age in a similar fashion. It might be completely wrong, and if so I'll change it right away, but looking at the anatomy of the races and such I imagine the lifespans are similar to Hyur/Humans.


Except Elezen, who clearly have an extra heart hidden in their huge necks.

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