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New FFXIV (RP Scene) Arrival!


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Hello! o/


I figured I should probably do one of these, even though I've been here for like a month already. *Sweats* I'm an anxious individual, so I put off actual interaction for as long as I'll allow myself out of nervousness to meet new people.


But, a little about myself: I'm a big forum, play-by-post roleplayer. I'm used to having planned out sessions of roleplaying, creating characters over a week or two, creating roleplays and planned roleplays for probably longer. In essence, I'm very new to the whole 'diving headfirst' style that's evident in a lot of MMO, tavern-style roleplays. It's ironic because my first experience roleplaying was on a WoW Private Server, as a kid. Dunno where all that experience has gone, though. Heh. But, even so, FFXIV is so different - everyone's kinda just made their characters from the ground up, some for over a year. It's kind of intimidating as all hell. D:


It's probably why I made my character's wiki page before I even got started RP'ing. I'm just so anxious of getting judged. But, so far, this community has been so very welcoming and kind; I'm very proud to be able to call myself a part of it, even for just a short while. I'm really hoping to stay, though, for as long as I'm able to.


Other than that, I'm still trying to ground out my character, personality wise and especialyl history wise. It's tough adhering to what I wrote because, you know, having such a fast-paced style of RP'ing forces you to go with your gut feeling more often than not. But, in leading with that, I'm definitely looking for people to befriend and communities to further root myself in. It's just a bit difficult for me, due to my more than shy nature (and with that, this weird and extremely formal way of talking; trust me, it's not how I talk naturally - I call it a nervous habit). So, if there's anyone out there that is more than happy to help out with things like lore or FC's or LS's to join in on, I'd be more than grateful. I tend to go overboard on the research to overcompensate on my personal anxieties.


But, I've been avoiding joining anything too lore-heavy, just because I'm new to this game and my only other Final Fantasy experience has been FFX, X-2, and FFXIII (also Dissidia, holy crap), though I understand those stories are super disjointed with little to no connection with each other plot wise (it threw me for a loop the first time I tried a new FF game). And I don't want to mess anything up or not understand something while in the midst of roleplaying (thank god for alt-tabbing and borderless windows. I always have Google up and ready for anything). But, uh, I'm definitely trying to remedy that. ^^'


Anyways, I think I've started rambling. There's my hello! Woo! Now, time to go hide under a rock until someone comes to potentially greet me.


I should've mention my main character somewhere, aaahhh. I made like a thousand alts right off the git-go, but I've stuck to Van'ir Mohlkoth for most of my 30 days here! Sh-should I link his wiki or... *PANIC SCREAMS*

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and to FFXIV! :thumbsup:


Miqo'te master race.



I think it helps a lot to have an idea of what kind of direction you want to go in with Van'ir (and I totally found your wiki page- looking pretty good!). There's a lot of potential niches here in the community depending on what you fancy, exactly! There are knowledge hunters, treasure seekers, clans, and even mob-style FC's. There are vigilante linkshells and roaming, world RP linkshells too. It really depends on that direction you feel most keen on chasing with Van'ir! 


If it helps, there is a small sample of some of the groups that are active in-game linked in my signature. Otherwise, I'd also recommend tossing up a Making Connections post too, as that'll help you form bonds with other characters much faster!

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Oh! Thanks for the tips and replies!


Here his wikipage: Van'ir! Any advice or tips is definitely welcome :D (thank you in advanced!)


I've been looking through the many Linkshells and Free Companies on here, trying to parse out what I think might feel right for Van. I think I need to evaluate his character a lot more before I commit to anything, though. But, that's also an excuse not to apply because applications are intimidating. ;3; Eventually, I'ma suck it up.


I might take up that advice and post something on the Making Connections sections. Gotta figure out what kind of connections I want for Van first, I think lol. I'll also check those links out.

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Hey there and welcome to the RPC! I am glad you decided to jump in and experience what a great RP community we have. I know it can be intimidating to initiate and reach out to people for RP, but I like to just remember that everyone who RP's on Balmung is there for the same reason as you are to interact and enjoy some RP. So just going in knowing that you both have the same goal generally makes approaches easier for me. You can also flag yourself with an RP tag under the group search info and put a little info about who your character is. I often check that when looking to RP with someone.


I would definitely throw up a making connections post and let people know what you are looking for in RP so you can start building that network. If you are more shy in your interactions and have trouble keeping conversations going you could try teaming up with characters who are more talkative and can help you move scenes along.


Anyways I hope to see you around for RP sometime!

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