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Thieving Au Ra Con-artist needs some people

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Hello! So I have a character on Balmung I've yet to test out. I've roleplayed before but not in an mmo and I'm looking to get my feet wet. I've started a wiki for her and I have the first two pages complete, but she's still a work in progress. Check her out here and feel free to respond here and/or message me if you have any ideas! (You're also welcome to add me in game!) I'd love some friends, enemies, or even just connections.

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Wiki is looking pretty good there! There's a few ideas that come to mind right away. Since she's fairly nomadic, she might be a good fit to run into people on the road in ShroudLife, even if she isn't necessarily very wilderness-y. Another easy, low-hanging fruit would be to either run afoul of the Mischief's Coven (organized crime, double-cross the wrong person, kinda thing) or even end up throwing in with them as a way to make even more gil! 


Both of these are linked below, but if nothing else, you're certainly welcome to run into Kasi sometime, too! Kasi is a wandering trader, mercenary, cook, and occasional bartender.

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If you are ever interested in forum roleplay around Gridania, I do have an bandit/thief/pickpocket character, Myrrh, who pulls her theft off around there, sometimes conning people to make it work.

(Edit: In fact, this is the character I originally mentioned on your first thread.)


She has nothing against working with others as long as she gets a cut of the earnings. She's also still a bit younger in age and appearance than people might expect for a criminal like her, so she has that bonus too. Just tell me if you're interested and we can set something up!


Regardless, I hope you have luck in your search!

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