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[Balmung] Xaela looking for some Eorzean help

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Hello! Thank you for looking! This is my first attempt at a making connections post, please let me know if I'm doing this wrong, or too out-of-canon to be workable!


I am looking for some connections for my male Xaela, Enkhtuya Kha. He recently found his way to Eorzea, likely having followed someone interesting, and probably didn't quite realize how far away from home he was until it was too late. Still, this world is rather interesting, and filled with non-Auri people, and so he's not entirely eager to find his way home just yet.


Actively seeking:


- Someone to take him under their wing. He's fairly new to Eorzea, and while wandering around in a consistently lost fashion is going pretty well for him, he could use an Eorzean's expertise and advice.


- If not the same person as above, he definitely needs someone to help him with the common tongue of the land. He knows his basics, but while he manages to get by with that and a lot of gesturing, a teacher would also be greatly appreciated.


- Other Xaela are also welcome! He'd be happy to see someone familiar, and speak in a familiar tongue.


I'd be open to other things as well! He's new, so I imagine he'd be easy to trick into things, especially the first time around. His interest in the (to him) unexplored around him does sometimes override his more sensible senses, specifically the ones telling him to be weary.

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I'll toss my Xaela into the mix. Gerel's been in Eorzea since the first wave of refugees, and she's picked up a few things in her travels. And! She's always willing to help out a fellow Kha. Feel free to shoot me a message in-game whenever--name's exactly what you'd expect.

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Aghurlal can be nervous around other xaela at first, but he's had a good while to pick things up, and he speaks Eorzean fluently. He's not very well equipped to become a teacher (wrong temperament), but he offers pointers to friends where he's asked. Feel free to hit me up OOCly in-game or ICly if you see Aghurlal at an event!


Speaking of which, I'm going to specifically mention Stellazio Pizzaria as a place you can potentially run into a few other xaela - it's not a xaela event, per se, but there's usually a good number of us on any given night, and two of the regular barstaff are xaela.

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