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Halonic High Mass (3/26)

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The Fury, in Her eternal grace, invites us to congregate in Her hallowed name. Long has She heard our devout prayers, taking note of how eager we are to bend a knee. She smiles upon Her faithful and their fervent servitude, so let us please Her with ample praise. At dusk, in Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral, the loyal children of The Fury shalt gather in reflection, confession, and genuflection. After the traditional Halonic liturgies, Father Lacordaire of the Black Sun Covenant will offer a sermon on Halone's gracious guidance and how we all might become agents of its heavenly intent.


In times of reverence, there is no noble nor lowborn, no Ishgardian nor foreigner. All who bow before our Goddess are welcome in our church's holy nave.




OOC Info: On 3/26, at 7 EST, all are welcome to come to Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral for a mass dedicated to Halone. After the rituals of praise and sermon, all guests are welcome to contribute to the sacred night in their own words of praise for The Fury or stories of how She has guided them. This event is meant to as personally engaging as can be for spiritual characters.


If you have any questions, please do message Isarn Lacordaire either in-game or here on RPC. May The Fury guide you to a greater path!

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Thanks for coming everyone. We had a wonderful time, we were impressed with the HUGE turn-out, and most of all, the audience participation and interaction was stunningly brilliant.


If any of you are interested in our FC get in touch with me (Ragi'zi Jiube) or Isarn Lacordaire. We've got some story lines going and more is always merrier.

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Due to the great reception of tonight's high mass, I believe that I'll make them into a monthly thing. Sadly, however, due to my unstable work schedule, I won't be able to assign a consistent date to them. That being said, I'll keep everyone posted for all the services from the Ishgardian Orthodox Church that I have planned. Thank you once again for coming, everyone, it wouldn't be possible without you!

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