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A delayed introduction!

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Hello, everyone!

I've already started poking around the forums but figure I should properly introduce myself in an effort to get to know people better! So, here I go.


The name's Luke, or Luka (cwutididthere?) and I'm a teacher by day, Lalafell by free time.


I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, having played every numbered title. I even finished them all, except for 5, because I hate Bartz.


I first discovered my love for Roleplay about 9 years ago when I stumbled upon a forum and began taking part in RP threads. Ever since, I've been addicted and it's always been my main focus when joining a community/MMO.


I've also played quite a few MMOs in my lifetime, including FFXI, SWTOR, Age of Conan, WoW and Aion. I played FFXI the longest, however I unfortunately never got to experience RP back then as I wasn't randomly assigned to the unofficial RP server when I made my character. Boo!


I played FFXIV 1.0 briefly as well, reaching the early 40's on another Lalafell character. Unfortunately I couldn't push myself any further, and I once again didn't realise there was an RP community for the game so simply quit.


I'm back with a vengeance, however, and found out about you guys earlier this year! With ARR coming soon, I figured it's time to get involved with the RP community.


I'm super excited for ARR to launch and even more so now that I'll be able to RP while playing. I did RP back in the other MMOs I listed (except FFXI), but honestly no concept excites me more than the idea of RPing in an actual Final Fantasy world.


If anyone wants to arrange some RP or discuss some lore or anything, feel free to send me a PM! I always like a good chat. I'm no lore expert, either, so it'll help me learn!


Looking forward to getting to know all of you and hopefully getting some RP started! 


Here, have a moog- IT'S A BOMB. :bomb:

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Hello and welcome!! Going just from your intro you remind me a little bit of a fellow I RPed with in FFXI. He was awesome!! So I have a funny feeling you'll be awesome too~! Looking forward to hearing more about your character and/or meeting you in game!

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