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Hullo. u3u


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Hello! My name is, as it says on the tin, Lin (or Lindsi, if you prefer!) and though I've been roleplaying in some capacity practically since I started using the internet, I am all but completely new at roleplaying on MMOs. u_u;


I've been interested in the scene for some time, however, and have rolled on a few rp servers on games like GW2 and Tera but I can never quite get up the nerve to actually join in, haha. So I'm hoping that XIV will be different, and that trying to immerse myself into the community before the commercial release will help me get over being shy.


I beta tested and played 1.0 but never really got all that far into it, partially due to my work schedule making it difficult to catch up with the friends I was playing with at the time (working weekends while everyone else has them off tends to put a damper on most gaming get togethers, unfortunately!).

But I'm really excited about how ARR is turning out so far, and the name lore on the lodestone forums really enticed me into wanting to try to play around in the world. :blush:


It's nice to meet you all, and I hope that we all get to play together. :moogle:

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Welcome to the RPC! I know there's a number of folks who works weekends as well and there seems to be a good amount going on during weekday evenings from what I experienced on 1.0. So I don't think you'll have too tough a time integrating, but you will probably have to be a little proactive. That said we most of us don't bite.


And we do have sweets and other treat with which to bribe~ :angel:


I hope to see you around Eorzea and hear more about your character!

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Welcome to ze community! If you ever get the urge to give TERA another shot, I play on the RP server under the same name. Can understand it maybe a little intimidating when watching other RPers but trust me, most don't mind a little random interaction :3 This goes for all MMOs!

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Hello! Welcome to the site!


You're more than welcome to Roleplay with me! The offer's open, so shoot me a PM if you ever feel like it! I also own GW2, so we can give it a shot over there, or on skype/through PMs if you'd like!


Let me know if you're up for a go! I don't mind helping you get started. :D


Enjoy your stay!

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