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Seeking comrades on and off the battlefield

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Chiron Tir'Ein, free paladin, sensate, bodyguard for hire. Meticulous and borderline overconfident on the job or in combat, relaxed and curious otherwise, Chiron is determined to try pretty much everything at least once, be it food, play, weapons... you name it. Called an able protector and an attentive student at best, and an arrogant hedonist at worst; Chiron is always looking to meet new people, and experience new things.





Returned to FF a few weeks ago and transferred to Balmung, and have wanted to give RP a shot! Done plenty elsewhere, but never made time for it on FF before. Most active on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings (PST)

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


You're certainly welcome to run into Kasi sometime- she's a traveling mercenary, trader, cook, occasional bartender. She could show up as a potential friend, rival, or even an enemy given the situation. She has ties to organized crime as well, and can be a bit of an asshole on the first meeting to anyone who isn't Miqo'te. Beyond that, she's fairly easy to get along with. 


Do you have a particular niche you're shooting for with Chiron?

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If you dont mind running into a Lalafel who's devoted to the Twelve and all their fancy words you are more then welcome to have conversations with my little guy. His name is Ryslo Suramlo. I particularly enjoy's philosophical conversations but saying that he is really good at listening to people's plights. I would say he'd be a good person to go to if your character has a lot of baggage or rich history they want to discuss without the fear of it being made public.

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