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Knights of Eorzea Looking for Allies/Enemies/Connections

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Who are we?

[align=justify]The Knights of Eorzea is an Organization that is comprised of individuals who come from all walks of life. We have people from Ishgard, The Shroud, Thanalan, and Beyond. Coming together these character's strive to bring some good to those who are often lost in the shuffle of war and strife. That said they've taken onto themselves a theme of sorts which often they call themselves Knights. With a Priest at the helm of this Order, The Knighthood's come from an Ordained like Ceremony which officiates them as Knights but not under the banner of any one Grand Company. Its more of a Formality and a need to create a Symbol that they strive to portray themselves in this manner, Knowing full well there are many who would not consider their Knighthoods legitimate. Still they embrace it.

Our Plot: Plot 33, 7 Ward, Mist (Small)[/align]



[align=justify]What are we looking for?

We are seeking Allies, Enemies and Connections. [/align]



[align=justify]What do we seek in Allies?

We seek individuals who have a Like Minded Approach to RP. We utilize a Character Sheet, RP Rules and Abilities. Now obviously those are more exclusive to our private RP so what we'd like is people who don't mind utilizing /random for encounters and have some light GMing involved in the story. People who don't tailor events after a particular person but try to help forge events that are for everyone to have fun and be part of the telling. We have been pretty secluded for the Month or Two as we've been focusing on building ourselves up and giving ourselves an identity. That said we are ready to engage the server once more. One Perk, I do plan on Recording these events and post the video's on our Youtube Channel for Record Keeping. [/align]


[align=justify]Sample of the Video Process

(Keep in mind we Record as the RP is going on so nothing is pre-scripted, Note this Video does have 'Semi' spoiler like scenes in it. We've edited it as best as we can to eliminate the actual context.).[/align]



[align=center]wnoODbvEbHs [/align]


[align=justify]What we Seek in Enemies

We seek the same thing as we do Allies. We hope to find people who dont mind using /random for RP events, especially for combat. We'd like to make some encounters where we may not win or your looking for some encounters where you don't. The fun thing about having enemies is the process of setting up rules and a time to meet. We want to make sure the encounter is fair and believable. If your looking for the same feel free to contact us as well. Do note, We will record these things as well and record it as the event goes. To stress its important to us to document these events so we can enjoy them on memory lane months from now.[/align]



[align=justify]What we seek in Connections

Believe it or not, We also want to help other people's events too! Do you need someone or our entire free company to escort a precious individual? Do you require Guards to protect that Tavern? Do you need to beef up security on your events? Whatever the purpose we'd love to be involved with your events too! We dont even have to play major roles but think of this as a way to Hire Us to help you out. We'll also record these events if you'd like to both advertise what your event was like and what part we played.[/align]


In game my name is Ryslo Suramlo, My Second in Command is Bard Arkwright. Feel free to add us to your friends list and also feel free to open up dialogue here. We will be setting up a Discord for these Server Events.


If you'd like to get to know more about us please head over to www.knightsofeorzea.enjin.com and click our About Page. You'll see a blip about who we are and two of our completed books. Books are a series of events that chronicle our adventures.

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♦♦♦ Just Updating this Thread, Well more of a Bump. We are still looking to Establish some Connections. We have made open dialogue so far with Hydaelyn Protecters, Outriders and Bloodstone Consortium. If you own a free company, linkshell or perhaps even a solo-player please post here if your looking to create some sort of connection. We plan on being with Final Fantasy XIV long into the future and would love to be very much apart of the Server Community as best as we can.

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