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Character Bio's, backstory, background, whatever you wanna call it!

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Speechless ;)


Here is the Abridged version until I find the time to make a wiki for her here..


Jayden Moon



"My story, well it may be short but it is mine. I don't have a recollection of a certain aspect of my life beyond a certain point but what was passed on to me by the one's who saved me, so it will have too suffice.

 I am a orphan lalafell haling from a group of plainsfolk living among the wilds of the midlands, who happened to have there life's taken by some murderous goblins. By the Twelves grace I had survived somehow, being around the age of 3, give or take my chances for survival was very slim. To my luck a male and female highlander had come to Leve within the area, even though it was cloudy night when they arrived they decided to check out the town, not knowing what had happened. The stench of death was still lingering in the air so the adventures become alert, walking slowly, and taking in there surroundings. Through a break in the clouds where the moon which was at its peak was shining brightly down onto the center of town, the adventures moved as silently as possible. The female noticed a baby lalafell basking within that moonlight, expecting some kind of trap she moved as slow as can be, preparing for the worse. Besides a dirty diaper there was no worse. The Female Highlander decided at that moment that the Twelve had answered her prayers of having a child. So there child I became. My new mother decided on a name as they headed back home, Father was sent to turn in the Leve. My first name came from her ancestor "Jayden" and my last came from what they followed to find me "Moon".

 So that is what I had been told so I guess it the truth, who know I may have been kidnapped! Well now it is time for what I do know my childhood, being raised by adventure's is a big bonus you get to travel, learn great skills, and experience more then just a shanty town. I grew up on the outskirts of Gridania where my father Adward Venture and mother Helain Thead Venture. Mother rarely traveled anymore and spent all her time raising me and training me, she was a very skilled White Mage, who not only used magic but knew how to work herbs. I picked it up fast so by the age of 10 I was creating potions for my father. 

 Around that time when my Father was home he was also trying to instruct me with battle tactics and weapons. I was not very good at anything he tried to teach me besides his sword and shield. So eventually he just concentrated on that style. The biggest lesson he had taught me the reliance on friends. Father would always say 'You can do everything greatly but can't do everything at once." and "Watching your own back just leaves you dizzy and open for the worse." and "To be great one must be surrounded by great friends." 

 At age 15 I was allowed to help my parents with Leves, it was great times helping out towns and making friends. Until one night three years later as we headed back to our house a horde of kobolds ambushed us, the last image before I blacked out was my father falling to a kobold. Waking up a few days later fully bandaged surrounded by nice midlanders in an unfamiliar cottage, I learned that I was the only survivor.

 Once I was able to move about and finished with the proper burial of my parents, I thanked the kind people and set out into this world an Orphan once again, but like the Moon I shall rise among the star's and make this dark world brighter!"



That is one of 16 backstories I created the past few days. It is the one I like most.

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Generally we prefer to keep the details of Eva's backstory somewhat veiled for the sake of keeping the character interesting.  These details can better be conveyed through meaningful RP experiences.  That said I'll be glad to give an extremely abridged version of Eva's life story, focusing only on the most significant events:


1540- Born in Ishgard

1543- Mother abandons family; Father and her move to sheep farm in Coerthas

1547- Father and her move to Gridania for reasons she doesn't like to discuss

1559- Takes a job at a book shop

1562- Meets a boy and falls in love

1569- Boy dies in an accident a few months after proposing marriage

1570- After dealing with deep depression for a year, moves to Ul'dah to start over

1571- Move back to Gridania to tend to her ailing father

1572- Father passes away

        - Pulled into 'The Rift' at Battle of Carteneau Flats

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What's your story?


Rhio has a lot of stories.


Some of them even line up with objective reality.


Some of those even involve her.


And some of those actually get told to other people. When she can find no other way to technically tell the truth without actually being honest.

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1518 = born

1531 = JJ leaves Ala Mihgo and does adventure stuff and JJ stuff

1531-1537 = JJ gets in a big accident-thing and burns his scalp pretty bad. Ends up bald (he shaves the parts that ain't bald, otherwise it looks icky) Also becomes somewhat renowned for being just a crazy good or crazy bad mofo. Whatever.

1537-1544 = JJ makes badass friends, gets a wife and has children

1557 = Fall of Ala Mihgo; JJ's wife dies 

1572 = JJ is at the battle and timejumps. 

Yeah, covers a lot of time. Also broad because I ain't worked out the nitty-gritty.

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