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Can't Create/Edit Wiki

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So I was trying to create a page for my character - and obviously I can log into the forums just fine but even after registering for both the wiki (after clicking the create an account button under help) and after registering here (I've tried both usernames on the Wiki) it just says that the information is incorrect - so I don't have permission to create a page.


I've logged into the forums just fine (triple checked the name and password. They're fine/correct.)


So why can't I log into the Wiki page?


I feel like I must be doing something incredibly stupid and wrong. It's frustrating through.

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You shouldn't need to register on the wiki (in fact, it shouldn't let you!). It uses a bridged account from the forums.


Provided your username and password don't contain an invalid letter/symbol/etc (spaces in forum usernames must be replaced with an underscore for the wiki), if you can login on the RPC forums, you should be able to login on the wiki.


To create a page, it's easiest to search for your character's name, then click on the red link to create the page. There are a number of different workspaces on our wiki for some various purposes. (And some which are just mediawiki defaults).

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