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LF Connections, LS and Random RP!

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Hello! Been playing and RPing in FFXIV for a little over a year now, but haven't done a whole lot of posting over that time, and have been a little bit inactive until a few months back, and I've always been a bit bad at initiating things, so, I decided to get a bit more active and post one of these things to try and help with that!


Admittedly, I always have a bit of trouble trying to give a summary of my characters. In brief, I suppose Rosik is a bit of a carefree, somewhat lazy Merc/Adventurer. She's always eager to get a job done, but will rarely actively look on account of how she feels her market is a bit saturated, and someone else could use the gil better than her. As of now, she has a definite leaning towards a Chaotic Good alignment, and, for the most part, is interested in the fun of something rather than cause, though that's not to say it cause doesn't influence her.


If you'd like more specific info about what kind of character Rosik, I have a page for her on the RPC wiki which I -try- to keep updated. The most important stuff is on there so far. There's also a tumblr where occasionally I do posts and get asks, but it doesn't seem very active, so mostly I reblog a few things, but feel free to drop something there if you have a question!


If you ever see me online, feel free to send me a tell or start a walk up. When I'm not really up to anything, I'll tend to plant Rosik either in the Drowned Wench or the carpet in the alleyway just outside the quicksand. If I happen to be in a dungeon or offline, however, and you'd like to get a hold of me, send a message to Beaucoup#5923 on Discord. Feel free to ask questions, see if I want to RP, or just make noises.

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Hey there! 


Best thing I can think of for you is to get in touch with Deahfel and the Hydaelyn Protectors (linked in my signature below). They can offer work and events, and are also only a linkshell, so you can supplement it with an FC easily. It'd probably be a good fit with the alignment, I think!


Either way, best of luck on the hunt!

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