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New to FFXIV-RP, old to RP?


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Hi Balmung! o/


I've actually been on the server for a little bit now, enjoying content with my OOC FC, and lurking in these forums while working up the nerve to make a post. I've played in many play-by-email/forum post games for years but I'm still a little skittish about getting started with MMO RP. 


My little Au Ra alt has a rough draft of a bio on the wiki here: Nayantai Ejinn, while I'm still hammering out the more lengthy background for my "I Survived The Calamity And All I Got Was This Back Tattoo" hyur. 


I have a super nocturnal work schedule, so I'm interested in linkshells that run into the late nights, or possibly off-server RP like forums or discord. I'm looking forward to meeting more of you, msg me any old time to say hello. :3

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Hey there and welcome to the RPC and to FFXIV! :thumbsup:


MMO RP can be a bit of a unique challenge from the standpoint that it's a persistent-world. RP is always going on, around the clock, even when you're not there. It lends itself well to a living, breathing world, but it can also easily become overwhelming or you can get left behind if you don't participate or have as much time to.


Regardless, I hope you enjoy your time here!

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