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Oh Lookie, a Newbie!


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Who...are you?


The name is Cherry Chubz! At least, that is my character's name. But most I don't mind calling me either Cherry or Chubz. Chubz in general. Or Chubbaz. Or whatevers. Anyway, that's usually what I go by anyway of who I am~ I'm currently in my late twenties and work daily. But mostly I live to pay for my otaku tendencies of gaming and role playing and such~


What's your RP resume?


I first started off Role playing at the age of 15, when a friend showed me the website, Gaiaonline. That was the start. And like any person first RPing, of course, I use to be a one liner. But among mingling with other role players, my skill improved over time. Reading the many books I love, also helped me make my skill increase a bit better. Now, I can do multi-para posts that is up to three as a minimum while my max can be up to seven or eight. Usually depends if I'm really into the story and role play. Once I get into it, I can get pretty descriptive in my posts and enjoy writing them out like a story too! I no longer go on Gaia much anymore, but I found other sites to keep myself busy with.


Any previous FF experience?


Honestly none whatsoever 8D. To be honest, I've always heard of Final Fantasy while growing up around when FF2 was released and so forth. It was only when the reboot FFXIV came out, that I got into it. It was literally my first jump into the world, and I love every second of it. So far, I'm a pretty good player and currently going about to improve my play and spell work within FFXIV with the help of my free company.


Where are you?


I'm on the Primal Data world, and my server is Exodus. Yeah. Not a RP one, but unfortunately I never knew about RP servers until much later. But I love sticking with Exodus cause of the Free Company I'm with as well as gaming with my hubby and bro irl on the world too.


Any interest besides RP?


Games. Lost of games. I'm specifically a huge fan of horror survival. Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and so forth. Those types of games are what I find fun to play. I've also recently in the last year got hooked on the Dark Souls series games from Fromsoft as well. Specifically Bloodborne. I'm also a bookworm, but unfortunately I haven't read as much as I would love to due to all these games and work. ;; w;;


Anything else?


I currently work five days a week on a graveyard shift, as a Case Aide. Not really gonna explain what a case aide is, since I've been asked it so many times that it's just something out there. = w=;;; Kind of like if yer asked what's yer fave food or such so many times and then asked the reason why. All I can say is that I basically help clients in a live in facility with daily needs. That's basically it. As such, my sleep schedule is a bit weird and out there cause of it. But never the less, I usually try to RP as much as I can and game when I have the time since it helps me relax. I'm also taken and a female. I live with my bro, and currently suffer from slight depression and anxiety issues. 8D But I'm learning to live with it~


So I hope I can make new friends on here and also experience new and awesome things too~!

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Hey there, and welcome to the RPC and Final Fantasy in general!


Aside from being a Resident Forum Dweller, I tend to do a lot of Forum RP and the like on here, so feel free to send a message my way if you are ever interested! I just amazed at the fact you can manage a three minimum paragraph style, but I guess it comes from exposure. I've always done roughly a paragraph when it comes to my roleplay size, yet that may be due to the fact I tend to think about my character responses first, (and I'm a perfectionist that frets over miniature slips).


I hope you enjoy your time here at the RPC!

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Final Fantasy 14 is a great game to jump into if it's your first Final Fantasy Game. Since none of them 'technically' link to each other (though there is a conservative effort to try to do so) you don't need prior experience. I hope there is plenty of opportunity on Exodus for you to find some fellow roleplayer's, because I personally know how important it is to stick with a free company you love. I do hope you the best and you really should see if there are other Exodus players present, maybe even try to start something.

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