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Hello there!

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Hi, I just registered, and I'm super excited to see so many roleplayers for this new final fantasy.

I must be very honest, and say I'm a bit of a Final Fantasy newbie, and I hope that's alright.

As for roleplay experience, I have been at it for many years now, and I actively roleplay in another MMORPG.

I hope we can be good friends! I'm not sure where to get started, but yes! Nice to meet you all~

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There doesn't happen to be a link to any of the lore is there?

I want to do things right before even attempting to join a guild.


Hello and welcome to the RPC! Since you asked, I'll provide a few helpful links to help catch you up to speed on the general info and lore in the world of Hydaelyn.


The RPC Wiki: This is a good place for quick and basic info such as: the naming conventions, in-game guild descriptions, jobs, crafts etc. It also serves as the community hub for everyone to make in-character profiles.



Hydaelyn Encyclopedia: This link is a tad old but still incredibly useful. (I still use it!) It provides a list of names and places in alphabetical order while providing a quick and easy description of the purpose and meaning behind them. http://chrysaliswiki.com/encyclopedia:encyclopedia-hydaelyn


Eorzeapedia: I consider this place to be the holy grail of lore in my opinion. Most of the info I know that I can't obtain in-game comes straight from here. It's a tad tricky to navigate unless you know exactly what you're looking for, but it does contain an archive of all NPC quotes and text from almost all the quests in-game. Now granted, this info is all from 1.0 it still is very much worth a peek if you got the time or are just curious and looking for a good read.



I hope these links can be of some help to you. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask!

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