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Ex-Imperial Pureblood Searching for things!

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Hey everyone! I haven't made much of a connections post for Lucius, so here's my attempt.


Lucius (or Luke) Ignatius is an ex-Imperial magitek engineer. He has a bit of a conflicted history with his parents, who are Imperial loyalists. He was introduced to building machines (small robots/toys) at a fairly young age, and he increasingly got better as he had been given more complex things to build or solve, and thus, his father (a Legatus of his own small, secretive legion, the XVth) had eventually pruned Luke into making him his main engineer for his legion's tech. However, not all the time did Luke want to build things, and build weapons (eventually) for his father. He was placed in a room for the majority of his young life in Garlemald, slaving away for his father. He was rarely brought out, aside from explaining his machinery to others, and to make appearances with his father.


He always questioned the Imperial propaganda, with much backlash from his parents, resulting in abuse until he learned not to question it anymore, and just do what he was told.


More recently during the Dragonsong War, he had been given a chance to leave Garlemald for a mission to the city-states by his father's design, that could have ended in his death. All his father cared about was warmongering and trying to look good in the eyes of the Emperor. There was a 'chain' (spoiler) that still held Luke to his father and Garlemald, which he eventually cut, and now tries to live among the Eorzeans, revealing himself and his past to those he trusts.


**Please note, I rather my partners try to follow lore as closely as possible. I dont expect walking lorebooks! I would just like people to follow it as best they can. ^^ If there is innacuracies in my own character, if identified, I fix them. :D


Without further ado, I will detail what connections and hooks you might encounter him with, and what I am searching for:


  • Ex-Garlean Slave: If you were an ex-garlean slave, you might recognize him. He at times was out and about visiting slaves when he could, and brought them food and drink; he often got severely reprimanded for it.

  • Ex-Imperial Soldier/Person with Imperial Ties: If you were an Ex-Imperial Soldier, you might recall a time where he was a younger boy, and his father forced him to pull the trigger on an insubordinate soldier's head to see if he could do it. In which case, he did. However his father had his hand on the trigger with him.

  • Another Engineer of Sorts: You might have heard of Luke providing magitek parts to some people, or a prosthetic. At times, people might see him as an inventor. Hes willing to try unorthodox things within boundaries.

  • Person in Need of Help: Luke has been known to show kindness to strangers, and attempts to help them as best as he can, if he is able. Though he is always worried that anyone around him could be a target, if his father decides to search for him.

  • Relationship Interest: Luke in his time in Eorzea has had two relationships--one more recently that didn't work out in the end after two break ups. He is currently (as of this post) trying to get past the pain of someone he truly, truly loved, but he is trying to keep his heart open to find his soul mate--perhaps one he would marry and be loyal to. He feels that he will never find one because of his past ties to Garlemald and being a Pureblood. Its a secretive life he would have to lead, and his mate would also have to be willing to take up his burdens, as Luke would take up his mate's. (Please note, he will only be interested in other males, primarily miqo'te or midlander hyur. Anyone can try to flirt, but please know that if it doesn't fit with someone he doesn't feel comfortable with, it may not be reciprocated.) **Searching for this heavily. I'd like for it to be slow burning, but talked about OOC beforehand. I am also expecting it to be a longterm RP with various themes and plots.


(Please message me privately IG or on the forum if you are interested in this kind of RP. I am somewhat looking for a specific kind of person for this RP and I'd like to discuss things a bit further before its started.)


  • Friend: Approach and get to know him! More friends are always nice.

  • (FC) Legion of Solace Recruit: He will be leading a Free Company that is comprised of rebels of Garlemald. Ex-Imperials, Ex-Imperial Slaves, people who want to make a family with these kinds of people, people who want a family that is willing to fight and stay together against Garlemald.  (https://www.guilded.gg/teams/YEY5YkEd/games/101500/home )

Anyway, I hope Lucius seems at least a little interesting! If you have any questions, please ask. I am very friendly!

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