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Greetings from returning player (new to FFXIV RPG)!


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Hello all!


I recently found this place and I thought it would be great to roll around and get familiar with the RPG scene in FFXIV.


I'm returning player (well, soon to return in couple days, need to finish work projects first before jumping into procrastination), but I'm already excited about it so I thought I could already explore this place a bit. I'm new to role-playing in FFXIV, although I've been role-playing for awhile long time ago through other MMOs, forums and smaller web games. It's always been exciting experience - not sure if I was or will be any good at it, but it surely is exciting to read it or be even a viewer! I guess, it's all about fun anyway!


Behind the screen I'm Illustrator, I find great aesthetic pleasure in playing FFXIV and get a lot of inspiration from games overall. I also like to crochet and love my lovely planties.


Hope to make your acquaintance!

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