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I draw super slow, but I do draw!


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As the title suggests... I'm a turtle at this, but I do love art and playing with different coloring techniques. My groove falls in line mostly with cel shading with some gradient work. I also prefer to draw manga/anime style rather than realism. Anyway, hopefully I'll pump something else out before Stormblood!!


Below is a drawing I did of my character, Wenn Dh'i ( Wendy) of WYNG. As well as another non-ff14 art that I'm sneaking in here because it's my favorite one I've done recently. 


EDIT: I added my most recent as well.






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Thank you!


I just finished another FF14 piece. This is a gift art to Vilette Laurent- my free company leader. Icly she is a baaauuus and our Knight Commander. I put it up in the first post!


*Nods stoically*

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