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A proper introduction this time


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Now that I'm finally on Balmung, I hope it's not a problem if I post here again - the last one was pretty lackluster and I want to do a proper introduction this time.

So, the name's Gota, a 24 year old guy from Hamburg (I moved here last week), Germany. If you see someone called this or TrueGota it's probably me (although you shouldn't count on it).

I mostly like to play games, read mangas, watch YouTube or - you guessed it - to RP. Ah yeah, and I was a cosplayer and are currently trying to get back into shape to start it again. I was the admin of a lot of RPs a few years ago and stopped for a while but now I'm trying to build up my own RP forum (just began that a few hours ago) and if you got any tips to share, be my guest. (This forum here is really amazingly made)

I'm also the leader, game designer and main writer of a pretty new Indie-team although we didn't produce anything yet and don't really have all the people we need (it could be better, yes). My biggest strengths in writing are worldbuilding and making characters as well as story lines - at least that's what I guess and what my friends tell me. Although I'm usually a lot better at making characters when it's inside the world I made myself I'll still try to do my best in Hydaelyn while being a newbie when it comes to MMO-RPing, so I'll need some time to adjust to it. If you wanna ask anything else, just say the word.

Gota over and out.

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Welcome to Hydaelyn Roleplayers!


The best tip I can give you on creating an RP Forum is just making it as interactive as possible and make sure that if your doing anything story-related it's something everyone can be a part of. I think to often Game Master's get into a trap where the story starts off a particular way but then ends up focusing upon a few individuals which often segregates the other half. It's difficult to balance but as long as you keep your eyes peeled for those 'other' individuals you'll know based on their involvement whether you've gone that path or not. Of course on the other side of that coin people can often be shy too, so as a Leader you need to to kind of be there for them to help them step out of it (Their shell that is). Though if your trying to create a Site like this one.. you'll need to find a team to help you out. This often is run by the Administration Team and a strong supporting Community.


Regardless of that little advice, You'll find Balmung is extremely welcoming and often RP is plentiful.

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Hi again!


We're in a pretty close timezone, so we should try and make a character connection at some point :thumbsup:


As for the website side of things, I'm not really experienced in doing it. But from briefly doing a GUI unit at college, and using a lot of forums in my life. Ryslo had some pretty good advice already also... But from the user interface side of things I'd just try and make it as simple as possible. People have short attention spans and if they can't find the threads they need to find, they will either repost...Or just give up. 


This site has a pretty great layout, all the sections are pretty clear and you can find what you need to within a couple of clicks. Only thing that confuses me is the linkshell and FC sections.

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