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Hey, I'm not sure if this thread is allowed here, but technically I am back to being a total novice...


My apologies if it does not fit here.


I am Schuriscloa, and I joined in 2015 looking to see if anyone would join my roleplay linkshell.  While there were a few who joined, I found a small community on tumblr.  Due to everyone's level story-wise, I left the fandom in March 2016 and just came back to it.  I transferred to Gilgamesh in hopes of finding like-minded folks.  I re-opened my account here to do the same.


You can find me as Aori Meiouno and I will answer to "Want a sandwich?" as per my new roleplay blog on tumblr, skyward-venturer2.  Previous to that roleplay blog, I was skyward-adventurer.


Nice to meet you all.

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