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Hi people!


So! I'm new to this place, new to Final Fantasy (though I did play X-2 many, many years ago, I can hardly remember anything more than Yuna's pretty face!). No idea where to do, what to do, but with 14 year long roleplay career I'm more than willing to try! What could go wrong?


My thaumaturge is freshly transferred to Balmung, so I'm hoping to make contacts, make friends, and ease myself into the whole community. Figured I'll learn lore along the way.


The guy, Daniel, will be a bit of a greedy, opportunistic, somewhat lazy and cowardly spellslinger.


Hope you go easy on me! Anyone willing to pull me into something or learn a guiding hand is more than welcome. I'm from EU, more precisely from sunny London, so I usually play between 7pm and 1am GMT/UCT.



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I'm always up for RP if you need a contact! I play in pretty much the same hours you do so it should I'm not extremely knowledgeable on the lore, but I can probably help out with general things :bouncy:.

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Welcome! I just saw your directory entry! Your character sounds interesting. :)


Unfortunately, I too am in the NA timezone but I hope you find the RP you are looking for!

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