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Hi there!


I'm here because I want to give Final Fantasy 14 RP'ing a shot. I've never really RP'd much before.


I really love the game and play a lot normally, but I think I'd really enjoy starting a character to RP with.


I've been reading up a lot on lore and kinda have a character idea in mind, but I'm not sure where to go from there. On top of that, I'm not able to get into Balmung yet and I didn't want to create a character and transfer then have wasted money if I wanted to re-roll.


If I could get some help or tips on how to create a character, I would really appreciate it.

Also, what server would be best to join until I can transfer over to Balmung?


Thanks!! <3

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Howdy Lemons! I finally bit the bullet on transfering to Balmung just recently.

Factors that contributed to the descicion included: 

  • No reason to Reroll: anything you don't like about your character you can change, all classes, all races, name change, etc. Of course changing race and appearance cost money 10 USD but its still posible and then you don't loose any character progress.
  • Classes you can switch relatively painlessly so not much of an obstacle there
  • Balmung community: On other servers people are nice, but where are they? On Balmung characters are hanging out everywhere-town squares, random water falls. Point is the world feels lived in and more alive. Well worth the 18 USD transfer.
  • As to what world to join before Hand? one of the other RP servers like Catelbopas or Mateus but really any will give you a taste of the pace of the game and the mechanics and whatnot
    Feel free to find me ingame and we can do random RP together! Osuguma Charenja

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC, and to Balmung hopefully soon! :thumbsup:


Osug has about the right of it I think- Balmung or bust! 


As for creating a character, it's good to adhere to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)- less is often more. You can create a blank slate with a general idea of personality and direction, and simply allow his/her interactions in the future with the community determine where they go.

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Tip: Make 8 characters on the same server! You can transfer all off them per the SAME price to Balmung. So always have alts on hand for other character concepts :) (Just make sure you got the standard subscription and not the entry subscription!)


That said, you will get a free fantasia (race/appearance change potion) with your first time paying your subscription. So if you really regret your character's looks, you can always change them. On top of that, fantasias and name changes (and even server transfers) aren't that expensive compared to other MMOs.


Best of luck!

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