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Doing Some LS and FC Shopping

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Hey! I'm currently looking around for active linkshells and even free companies for my lalafell and miqo'te. On my miqo'te I'm looking for both, on my lalafell I'm just looking for linkshells since I'm pretty happy with her FC. There's nothing wrong with my miqo'te's current FC but her RP has just started to become bland and I feel like I need to take a new direction.


So here's my requirements for a FC:


1. I'd like a medium sized FC that is active, meaning people are online and talking to eachother on a daily basis. I don't need a giant powerhouse of a FC, I'd just like a community that will be active and have regular RP events. 


2. My character is a songstress so it would be awesome if I found something that had a tavern or some such as a side gig, but I don't want it to be the primary focus. I'd like a healthy mix of tavern/social RP as well as RP with a plot. She is also an arcanist, so I could see her in combat situations. Some themes I could see is an adventuring or mercenary FC with a tavern or even a charitable organization that helps out around Eorzea, whether it's saving helpless people or fundraising at a social event. 


3. Morality wise I can see something either neutral or good. Doing stuff like selling drugs, selling sex, or mercenary work for a living and survival is fine, but I can't see being in a cult or gang with people of evil intentions beyond just surviving and doing what needs to be done. 


My requirements for linkshells are fairly similar - I'd love activity beyond else. I've been in to many linkshells that were completely dead. And I'd like a linkshell who actually actively does RP with each other. Anyways if you think your linkshell or free company fits the bill, either reply to me here or send me a PM. Thanks!

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you could join coven, we're pretty cool. short version is that we're a tavern with some shady connections. but you could just work in the tavern and do performances on our stage or whatever. we also do have regular events and adventures. ostensibly it's supposed to be evil-oriented but in practice my neutral-oriented character hasn't yet felt uncomfortable there.


here's a link for more info: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17879


you'll see people online and chatting at any hour of the day, any day of the week, and people are always down for RP and frankly usually are engaged in RP.


i don't know our current recruitment status because we try to keep numbers low, but if you're a good fit I'm sure it could work out.

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Kerrath is a scrub but the people in Coven have been nothing but nice. I would recommend them if it is something that fits what you are looking for and they are opened on recruitment.


The only other FC that comes to mind is Blue Sky Adventures.

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