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After much deliberation, I transferred to Balmung yesterday in search of an RP community I could really sink my teeth into (shout-out to Coeurl though; it was a good starting server!).


Of course, being kind of frugal and also a huge altaholic, I decided to make a full roster of characters to transfer so I'll have future alts on tap without having to pay transfer fees again.


So far I'm mostly focused on my two mains; who are as follows:



A'razh Tia


A culturally traditional Seeker of the Sun, currently undergoing some culture shock as he's introduced to the wilder world and cultures of Eorzea. Somewhat aloof and rather a closed book, he tends to keep to himself and doesn't easily warm up to new people. Especially given how strange most Eorzeans are to him, looking outward at them from within his comfort zone.


A'razh is a bladed weapons specialist; currently he's 60 on NIN but I intend to also level PLD and SAM on him, and probably also MNK 'cuz he can throw a punch, too. His overall abilities and concept are very rogue-like, preferring to dual-wield smaller blades as opposed to carrying larger weapons, and his fighting style is all about finesse and agility, leveraging his natural gifts as a Miqo'te.


Sylvain Ombrecesse


Mysterious and enigmatic, even by Duskwight standards. Sylvain is a magic-user, but attempting to discern of which specific type is all but impossible. For his own part, he only ever describes himself as a sorceror, an aetheric researcher, or some similar sort of discipline-neutral term. In observation, he's mostly seen using the types of destructive magic associated with thaumaturgy, but the extent of his knowledge is known only to him.


Secretly, Sylvain is a very powerful magic-user with exceptional versatility and a drive to plumb the deepest, darkest, most forbidden recesses of all the magics Eorzea has to offer. At the same time, he has great respect for the risks inherent in such endeavours, and the damage they've wrought on Eorzea in the past, up to and including the incitement of a calamity. So naturally he conducts his research in secret and passes himself off as a benign historian and researcher. So far I've levelled him to BLM 52, but he will be my go-to character for pretty much every caster-type job.



On most of my other alts, I'm only really considering levelling the bare minimum number of jobs required to support their concepts. But I'll introduce them as they mature, I suppose. :)


A little bit about myself: by internet standards I'm getting pretty long in the tooth these days... my very first online RP experience ever was text RP in Battle.net chatrooms in the era of Diablo 1. First MMO RP in Asheron's Call around 1998-2000. I played WoW extensively for years and RPed there, as well as in City of Heroes. Games I currently have installed include Neverwinter, Champions Online, TERA, Wildstar, and of course FFXIV. As of yesterday I can say I have RPed in all of those. :P Wildstar is presently my other 'main' game apart from FFXIV.


The community here is pretty big, but I'm optimistic I'll be able to weasel my way into a niche somewhere. >_>


Biggest question I have right now is: what would you all recommend as introductory steps? I figure I should post on the player directory and maybe make articles for my characters on the Wiki... are there any other 'best practices' for a new player to get a foothold on FFXIV RP as a whole, or Balmung RP in particular?


Also, please feel free to drop me a line in game. You might have to put up with Razh's unglamoured Torrent set for a few days while I save up seals for the glamour I'm working on...

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