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Travelling Doctor Seeking Work

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Hello, I'm looking for a new Fc, one that is rp focused. Active and friendly. I'd like one that has fc events at least every 1-2 weeks, and enough active rpers that small groups can rp together at least 2-3 times a week. I'm open about theme, so long as it makes sense for a doctor to be on staff. Edward is morally grey, so its pretty open except for empire based ones and super evil ones. If you're planning to poison the town well, leave Edward out of it. =P


Well, I can't think of anything else, so post any questions or concerns you may have, otherwise, let me know what your fc is about and when the best time to contact you in game for a interview would be.

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The more nefarious face of Orchid 317 might be just the face for you; These hooligans are always getting roughed up in their escapades within and without the limits of the law, and we could always use a savvy doc worth their salt to patch them up... with more than enough gil to ease the guilt of treating liars, killers, and thieves.


If you're curious about the locale, you can find our legitimate front - a hookah lounge - at Ward 12, Plot 40 of the Mists, and/or contact either myself (Stroud Forscythe) or one of our officers (Kanako Moonweaver, Eshea Tende, or Percival Derolo.) We look forward to hearing from you, and hoping you see several banged up dudes one way or the other along the way to keep in good practice.

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