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Returning player in Balmung!

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Hey everyone! I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a couple months now, and I'm pretty eager to dip my feet into the roleplaying community. Also, progressing through the game by myself is a lonely, solitary existence.


MMORPG/RP Experience


In college my friends and I really got into C9, and then into Guild Wars 2, which we played for quite a bit. I have to say that FFXIV is one of the best massively multiplayer games I've played, and I've sunk a significant amount of time into it.


In terms of roleplay experience, I did a lot of forum/community-based RP way back in the day, first on a Mega Man site and then later on a Legend of Zelda one for several years. It was small, but tight-knit, and I learned a lot about roleplaying and creative writing through those experiences. Recently I've ventured into more mature/erotic RP on a couple sites, which is surprisingly more story-driven than you might think, depending on who you partner with. I'm perfectly capable of writing scenes that don't go down those avenues, but I'm not squeamish about ERP, and I can provide relevant links if you're interested. I've run the gamut, is what I'm trying to say.


What kind of roleplayer are you aiming to be?


Medium to heavy, I suppose, although in general I do try to match my partner. The chat window in FFXIV can be annoying without spell check or decent formatting, but I can handle it. I don't mind talking OOC to discuss stuff roleplay-wise, chat about the game, or even RL stuff. Even when I'm not in-game, you can hit me up on Discord at Hathaway Snow#9472. Ideally I'd like to make more friends in this game, so we aren't all faceless enigmas behind a computer screen.


I think my favorite thing about roleplaying is character development and having interactions that change our characters in real time. Watching a character progress from "wet behind the ears newbie" to someone with hopes, fears, and dreams is great. It really makes our characters feel more alive, and the game becomes that much more fun to play too.


I'd say I'm good with coming up with stuff on the fly, and I'm more concerned with creating a great story than being super rigid in regard to FFXIV's lore. (Even though I do enjoy the lore!)




I like playing games, watching movies/TV/anime, and creative writing of all kinds. Feel free to ask me anything!

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Thanks! I totally stole your formatting in your welcome post, hope you don't mind.

Yeah, when I started I used to be on Lamia, but I paid the transfer fee to get to Balmung because that's where people say the roleplay's at.


Ahaha, glad my format was useful to you. Have fun on Balmung! Maybe one day once all the servers stabilize we'll get a chance to meet in-game.

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