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[18 May 2017] User accounts on the same email

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As of today, the option to register multiple user accounts to an already registered email has been disabled.


This is in preparation for our upcoming move to an InvisionPower suite, which identifies all users by email. Existing accounts are still all accessible on the MyBB forums and we recommend that users adjust their secondary accounts to use another email. The oldest account registered (by data/ User ID) will become your new primary account if there are duplicate emails. All posts and threads will adjust to that user and will not be lost. (Although situations in where accounts were made for in-character purposes may become a little harder to read.)


Currently, there are 730 emails on the RPC that are registered to just over 1600 accounts, which is just a fraction of our community size!


If you are unsure if you've registered multiple accounts, or are locked out of an old account, you can reset your password using the Lost Password tool.


Please direct any questions or concerns to Unnamed Mercenary.

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