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Seeking somewhat serious, plot-orientated RP FC/LS

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Hey, everyone! 


I'm pretty new to this in general, so bear with me as I make my first "Making Connections" post. 


So, I guess I should start this by telling you a bit about my character.


Aera Espoir is a soldier of the Maelstrom. She is brusque and even cold at times, but tries to keep everyone's best interests at heart. Her sense of duty ensures that the mission comes before anything else. While some tend to be intimidated by her stoicism, she has a bit of spunk, at times -- and truly wants to make new friends.


When off-duty, she travels Eorzea in search of adventure, as well as hunting for clues to her missing father's whereabouts.


Born in Ala Mhigo, her mother and her fled the city at the age of four, during the Garlean invasion. Her father stayed behind so that they could escape, and Aera has not seen him since. 


After their escape, Aera's mother settled down in La Noscea, where Aera has currently spent the majority of her life. 


Big outside inspirations for her personality are Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3.


Here is my Lodestone profile, in case you want it: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/15050506/


What I'm looking for:



1.) Generally a more serious, plot-orientated RP (i.e no tavern RP...time and place for it, but I've far too many to be interested)


2.) Off the back of the first point, nothing too grimdark


3.) A wide cast of characters of differing personalities and backgrounds!


4.) People willing to understand that I am new at this, and are also willing to help me become a better roleplayer, as the newbie I am.


What I'm NOT looking for:



1.) No tavern or erotic RP, please.



If there's anything else I need to add, just let me know! I look forward to meeting all of you~ :)

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