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DISCONTINUED following migration of most members to Omega server



EU-RolePlay is a linkshell focused on creating, supporting and encouraging RolePlay in the EU timezone on the Balmung Server. If you feel you would like more active RP in the EU times then maybe we should do something about it.


The hope is to have a more active approach to RP so that members should:

  • focus on actively RPing in EU times
  • seek to create and run RP
  • cultivate RP connections
  • share and get-in-on random RP
  • coordinate event participation
  • support ideas


  • Open, supportive, positive and seek to embrace the diversity that is the EU, accepting and welcoming the different culture, languages etc..
  • While social chatter is expected, the focus should be on RolePlay


  • be excellent to each other
  • accept differences


  • More leaders will be created as we folks join, but for now poke Nebula Stardancer

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Note from the LS creator:


I have been moaning to myself about wanting more RP in the EU time zone, and have heard similar from others. Thinking we have the power to do something about this I decided to throw this LS into the mix and see if there are enough people willing to make a difference.


I am in (and have been in) LSs that cover the EU but they tend to be social, unfocused and just "Yet another dead or general" LS. While that is a nice thing, I don't feel we need another one of those.


My intent with this LS is to be focused on active RP, rather than just have a place to yammer and prattle and chatter.


I also intend to make as many people who want it a LS leader, to make this an open place where the only reasons for excluding someone is:

1. Not actually focused on EU

2. Being disruptive, offensive (basically a d!ck)


So here's hoping for EU RP!

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