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Faris and Celes

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Who can forget Far is the gender bending runaway princess turned pirate captain from FF 5 or Celes the double agent opera singing general from FF 6?


I have seen a lot of pirates and some Empire exiles PCs mentioned on the wiki and the forums. Any  spies for the Empire or gender bending pirates out there looking for RP?

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I've been trying to decide on what I've wanted to do with K'tahrl since I began brainstorming his creation and I just about flipped my keyboard at the thought of a young Garlean spy amidst the grand companies.  I'm not sure how many people actually play the bad guy in the FF RP's but I would totally be down for being an antagonist, it is one of the most entertaining roles and can create such great character development in more than just the player himself. ahhhhh my brain is abuzz with this train of thought. :cactuar:

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We've had a couple of people who play ex-Garleans, or had the intention of playing a Garlean spy.

Just keep in mind that if you are outsted, and people find out, there will be little to no RP for your character simply because everyone else knows that they should stay away from a spy. It's fun to be the bad guy, but it can also be awfully isolating at times. Just be prepared if you want to walk that bad guy line.

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It wouldn't be the first time I've played the role of the bad guy, its been awhile but it'd be quite entertaining.  Even with being ousted as a spy I wouldn't imagine it'd be completely isolating, there are those who enjoy a bit of conflict, but I understand the warning.

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I might as well chime in a little!


Deirdre is Garlean born, there are actually more of us than you'd expect. Being a Garlean defector is much more welcome than anything, as Cid is a defector himself. I will echo the warning, playing the spy (which is what Deirdre is) is a dangerous road if anyone finds out at all. Lots of characters will try to kill you or avoid you outright, it causes problems sometimes in RP. Word spreads about characters ICly amazingly fast. Deirdre is on the bad list of a lot of people because she decided to 'defect' and people found out she had been spying for two years. The way Deir is though I can work this in with her character. A lot of people forget what's involved with playing a Garlean too. You have to be SO secretive (because we lack lore and you might be skinned) and you have to REALLY know all of the Garlean lore we have been given.


Whatever you decide I wish you luck, and ask questions if you have em!

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Just posted this in the 'employment' thread and added to Uruvion's wiki page. Not really a pirate(well, kinda... really, He has never sung "A Pirates life for me", true story)


Uruvion is employed as an officer for the Knights of the Barracuda in Limsa Lominsa. When not doing his official duties at sea, he supplements his income in less 'official' ways, often taking a ship out to sea to hunt pirates off the books and steal whatever they've stolen, or when he hears about a battle that is ensuing at sea between two ships or a ship is being attacked by Sahagins he always make sure to show up late and salvages whatever is left in the wreckage.


He always makes sure to take the same people with him. A small band of trusted adventurers whose silence in the matters taken place has been paid for. When the dock officials confront him about where they've been, or where they're going, Uruvion could almost always talk his way around what was really happening, telling the dock officials that he was going on a routine patrol, or an extra order from his commanding officer. When that didn't work, he found, bribes always did.

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Seeing as how we have had an influx of new members to the RPC since this was first posted I thought with a month before launch to repose the question. 


I have seen some talk of this by a few but I ask again are there any Garlean spys and/or brainwashed defectors out there?


I know the topic of breaking the brain washing has come up so this is not a thread to discuss the possibility of that.  This is just to find people like Celes and Terra from FF6.


Thank you!

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