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:cactuar: I FINALLY FOUND IT! :cactuar:


I've been looking for/wondering where the RP community here is! And here you are, and here I am! Hello everyone!


MMO background:


Been playing MMO's since I was very young, Asheron's call was my first. I'd list all of my MMO's played here but I doubt I could even remember them all. If it's come out, I've probably at least tried it.


I used to jump around a lot, but i'm starting to slow down with that now, looking to settle in FF14. I love the world and the lore, so much to work with.


RP Experience:


I've been a DnD GM for 5 years, and a player much longer. I actually take care of the DMing for my personal group of people. Beyond that I've always loved to write, and practically go into withdrawals if I can't RP/have a creative outlet for long periods of time. I'm currently in an RP guild in Neverwinter, and just left my RP guild in TERA recently, after playing the game for almost a year now. I've got extensive experience, and love to make strange/unique character concepts that fit within lore.


Character Ideas/Info- If you want my backstory, you'll have to RP it out of me! *shakes fist* But really, looking to play a Female Miquote. (BECAUSE IM SO ORIGINAL AND FANCY) Likely an adventurous, somewhat hotheaded, and a little unwise kind of person, with a heart of gold. (Also original, I know, but it's fun to play those characters, and I just got off playing incredibly convoluted concepts.)


How much of RP?


All the RP. But seriously, I am a Heavy RPer, but I do like PvE progression, and PvP as well. I essentially do it all. I RP when I can, and otherwise aim to level it up.


And that's pretty much the template or something, right? I dunno! I'm just glad to be here. Hello world!

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Welcome!! It's good to see more heavy RPers joining up of late!! If you have any questions or anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We're all pretty super-friendly around here. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the RPC! Come on in here and give us a big ol' hug! 


I've recently decided on Heavy RP so it's good to see some more Heavy RPers in the group. (I'd hate to be the outcast of roleplayers by roleplaying too much lol)


If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask one of us, and if you're stumped for ideas (it doesnt look like you are) feel free to check the Player Characters section of the wiki for some possible inspiration!

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