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Secluded away from the main thoroughfare of Gridania, Hunter's Respite is known among meat connoisseurs as one of the best mercenary halls in Gridania- merely for the food alone. Drizzled with garlic butter and topped with herbs, spices, grilled onions and sauted mushrooms, these steaks are done to perfection with a unique blend of old Keeper tribal customs that would be hard to find anywhere else outside of the wilds. The smell of sizzling meat is nearly around-the-clock, and enough to make anyone want to step inside just as they pass the establishment. Although small, the hall is owned and operated by a passionate family who are steadfastly loyal to one another.


The main attraction, however, for Hunter's Respite isn’t actually the food so much as it is for employment. The Veil mercenary company operates from this location, and maintains a public venture board as well as amenities for mercenaries from all over Eorzea to relax, resupply, and get some decent food in an open and laid-back setting. Hunter's Respite can even get a little rowdy, so it’s not uncommon to find those gathered here in bouts of friendly competition between rounds of mead.


Whether you’re looking for food, work or rest, Hunter's Respite has you covered!




Welcome to the recruitment and overview page for the free company, “The Veil”! Right away, you’re probably asking yourself just what in the world this actually is. First and foremost, the Veil is a family- both IC and OOC. If one of us has a problem, we all do, so we try to keep drama down by being transparent and open with one another.


Beyond that, the Veil is somewhat unique in that it is a “community” company. We aim to support the general community by hosting and supporting events, offering a public venue for RP, utilizing the party finder to advertise for RP opportunities, maintaining a public community venture board, and supporting community storylines in any way that we can. When the community as a whole is doing well, so are we. To that end, we do not blindly recruit- we try to find players and characters that fit our particular niche, and if they don’t, we at least try to refer them somewhere else they can have fun at. That’s really the name of the game here: having fun.


At the basest level, the Veil concept is a simple, rough-and-tumble mercenary company that’s more than merely a company: they’re a family. The most enduring philosophy of characters within the Veil would probably be, “work hard, play hard.” The Veil’s headquarters is Hunter's Respite, which also doubles as a public mercenary pit-stop. Here, characters can meet with peers and rivals, relax, get a good (meaty) meal, brawl, resupply, and most importantly, browse our community venture board. The current listings on the community venture board can be viewed here:


Miriamele's Venture Board




Originally founded and funded by Ishgardian nobility interests, the Veil was conceived to undermine and eventually equalize the aristocracy to the common people in Eorzea. However, over the months that followed, the diverse family who actually worked with and operated the Veil eventually came to realize that their capabilities were not solely limited to functioning as an arm of minor noble houses. While they still do take on jobs for their original benefactors, they were able to accrue enough gil to eventually buy out the headquarters they were provided. With the range of their diverse skillset and a desire to eek out a comfortable living in the world, the family has since decided to offer their services publicly under contract as a freelance mercenary company.


Since the formal purchase and acquisition of the After-Dark Grill, the steakhouse has since been transformed from an upscale eatery into a self-styled ‘meat-hall.’ Here, mercenaries- not just from the Veil- can come to Hunter's Respite to relax, grab a meat shank, browse open job requests, and resupply.



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Kasi and Larswith, the GMs of this FC, has been a good friends to me and mine. Willing to work with people, willing to jump in to help or lend a hand and just as willing to lend a ear and have voices of reason. Anyone on the fence about this FC should definitely take a leap and try it!

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This thread (apparently) needs more screenshots. One of our first few events, this particular one involved recovering some previously sold dangerous artifacts. A caravan was ambushed, the witnesses sanitized, and the artifacts recovered- only to plan to return them to the proper authorities tonight. Why, you might ask? Because Talan is a pain with his blackmail stuff.







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Now that we're mostly past the initial slump of Stormblood, activity is picking up once again over at the Veil and the RP train is chugging along! Our official "grand opening" is coming soon- but we'll still semi-open nightly over at Lavender Beds, Ward 7, Plot 40! 


(Also totally dig the remodel)



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So I'm relatively new to the game even though I've played through to about lvl 30 or so.. I hear this is a great place to be and from what I've read, I'd be interested in joining in on the fun. I think I want to play through the game a little bit though first, just thought I'd drop a line and say hey.

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So I'm relatively new to the game even though I've played through to about lvl 30 or so.. I hear this is a great place to be and from what I've read, I'd be interested in joining in on the fun. I think I want to play through the game a little bit though first, just thought I'd drop a line and say hey.


Certainly! You (and anyone else) are welcome to drop by the steakhouse (Lavender Beds Ward 7, plot 40) anytime you'd like. There's usually something going on nightly.

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Hey y'all!


Just a heads-up that we are temporarily closing recruitment for a few days while we refurbish the company concept. Since creation of the company, storylines have advanced and we're taking some time to internally discuss company direction and niche going forward. Stay tuned!

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Hey y'all! We're reopening recruitment today after finishing up a whole lot of updating and some renovations on the FC house as well. The tl;dr:


  • Veil family bought out their benefactor, gained direct ownership of their house, branched out into more broad mercenary territory
  • Steakhouse was retired in favor of a pit-stop / 'meat-hall' (so not really all that much of a change outside of aesthetics)
  • Balmung Venture Boards added

We also had several events over the weekend, ranging from exploring an abandoned Garlean research facility, and rescuing Keeper Miqo'te from roaming Garlean slaver groups! 







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