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First try at a roleplay character

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I'm sure I don't have all of the bases covered yet but I would like to share what I have with everyone to see if I'm on the right page. 


Alyssa Rihn:


Basic things:

Miqo'te/Seeker of the Sun

I'm not sure how old to make her. Late 20's maybe?

Retired Dragoon/Current adventurer, providing protection, slaying problematic monsters. Things of that sort.


Alyssa comes from a Doman father who was a traveling merchant of sorts. While traveling to Ishgard he met her mother, a barmaid. After seeing how life was in Ishgard he decided for them to move to Gridania where it would be easier for them to raise a family. 


Growing up Alyssa was the adventurous type. Signing up for the Lancers guild as soon as she was old enough. Often excelling, she quickly rose thought the ranks. 


With curiosity getting the better of her she decided to travel back to Ishgard to see where her mother was from. Traveling with a band of merchants they were attacked by a dragon. She will tell you herself it was sheer luck, but the others will say she took care of the dragon in a very efficient manner.


After the event she was urged by the group to submit for training by the Order of the Knights Dragoon.


She had just finished her training when word that some "Warrior of Light" had slain Nidhogg. Seemingly out of a job she now finds herself in Ul'dah working for people, when the price is right. 


She still waits to return to the Order of the Knights Dragoon, or perhaps visit Doma where her father is from.


Mostly an introvert while on the job, she does enjoy the company of those close to her. Always ready for a fight she is a worthwhile adversary or ally. 




Thanks to anyone who read. My writing skills are more rusty than I thought. This is just a rough draft of the character I came up with. 


If there are any blaring problems please let me know!! 


I'm completely open to ideas as well.

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Welcome! :)


It's a good start, though it's a name and background story far, far more fitting for a hyur (or perhaps elezen) than a miqo'te. Miqo'te (at least the typical ones, in the game's setting - of course we roleplayers will sometimes go outside the box) have some defined particulars about their cultural norms and even the meaning/structure behind their names. It might be a good idea to read up on miqo'te a little further before you decide if you want to play one - and, as I mentioned, it's totally okay to deviate from the norm if you want to, but you should be sure you at least know what that norm is (your character will probably have encountered a lot of people who were puzzled that she was unusual, for example).


We're just about to learn more about what Doma is like, so if you go with that as one half of her origin, keep that a little "nebulous" for now... that is to say, don't define a lot of specifics just yet, because you run the risk that what you state will end up (in three weeks' time) shown as false in the game's lore. A whole lot of Doman-originated characters are facing that possibility right now, I'm sure people are a little nervous!


As for the Ishgard side, I didn't see many denizens in Ishgard (in the game, looking at NPCs and the like) who weren't a hyur or an elezen. Others might be able to offer better input into this than I can, but, I think (and may be mistaken) that it's very rare for other races to have been there at all until very recently? Anyone have some insight on that?


The last thing of note is that, sadly, there are some jobs (but no classes) which the lore holds strictly away from use in RP. Black Mages, for example, are "allowed", except that the use of black magic is illegal in every civilized place, and punishable by a short drop and a sudden stop (that is to say, execution). Dragoons are, alas, one such job - the lore explicitly states a specific number of them to exist, nearly all of whom are accounted for. That doesn't mean she couldn't be a lancer who, having heard the tales of Dragoons, daydreams about one day having the opportunity to become one... but as far as we're aware (at least, to my knowledge) the Dragoons aren't recruiting. Not yet, anyway. Though again, I might be wrong on that last bit - I try to keep up on the lore, but there's a lot of it and it's ever-shifting as new content comes out and reveals more of the world to us.


I hope this feedback hasn't discouraged you! If you find yourself stumped for how to adapt your original concept, don't be shy about asking - I or someone else will surely help! :)

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I know she can't be a dragoon in the current state of the game. What I'm going for is more like she was a trainee during Heavensward. Just in time to graduate and be basically lose her job. 


I would just like for that to be in her history more than anything. 


As for Miqo'te in Ishgard I've read a few threads and know its a stretch. But it mostly comes down to them being my favorite race and not liking their lore very much?

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So I will preface this by saying you are able to rp whatever you desire, and no one can stop you. What matters most is that you enjoy what you are doing. Now down to the nitty gritty. First off so far the only confirmed races in Othard are Hyur, Lalafell, Au Ra, and Roe. We have no indication of any miqo'te or elezen there so do keep that in mind. We will not recieve any confirmation on Othardian races until SB is released so a lot is up in the air. Another note in regards to Ishgard. 10% of the population of Ishgard is something other than Elezen or Hyur, so while it could be possible it is highly unlikely that a Miqo'te would even be able to make much of a living there. Chances are they'd be lower caste and living in the Foundation if not the Brume.


As for the Dragoon thing, as someone whose character was affected by the hard number on Dragoons, you have to be careful with this. The Order of the Dragoon only takes the best of the best from the ranks of the Temple Knights. So first your character would had to have been a Temple Knight on top of having killed a dragon. In addition training for Dragoons is severe and brutal, most who go into it wash out. So I'm not saying it is impossible, but you would need to heavily modify some of the back story there in order to make it work. Especially since the Gates of Judgement were closed to ALL outsiders for twenty years prior to the events of HW.

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Especially since the Gates of Judgement were closed to ALL outsiders for twenty years prior to the events of HW.


This is what I was worried about. 


I do want to be as lore friendly as possible even with some BS thrown in. 


So I see theres quite a bit of circumstance with my race. Even I think thats pretty sloppy writing so I'll give it some more thought. 


But thats why I came here after all. 


I mostly just want to RP as the class that I play. I'm pretty much a one trick pony when it comes to class selection. 


I might try writing something for Hyur to see if I can come up with anything better/more believable.

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Decision to shoehorn toon's class into it's roleplaying persona is the one I think everyone should this twice and hard. I hate to sound this blunt but I also hate to see people have hard time putting together satisfying rp persona for their FFXIV character, just because these classes and especially jobs have some heavy lore behind them: lore which is fine in context of msq, you being WoL and all, but delete that WoL part and it really changes game.


The character I have roleplayed most with is not even lvl 60 yet (I am incredibly lazy grinder, and I put most effort to direction where it makes difference, in raiding and on my raiding characters). The job I'm doing my in-game toiling with him is Dark Knight but, his roleplaying persona has diddly squat to do with actual dark knights at Ishgard. He is as much DRK as Van Hydrus is, or Ser Zephirin. Supposedly all dark knights wield greatsword, but and all greatsword wielders are dark knights, all Dragoons wield lance but not all lancers are dragoons. Etc. Though, obviously you need max level class (and job stone to not get bullied too hard in duty finder) to play the game, msq with it's premade WoL fantasy, that WoL persona rarely ends up being your toon's roleplay character persona. There is the differenrence I cannot ignore. 


Alyssa, as she is now, is bit all over the place, bit of a power fantasy, fitting for that WoL role from msq. She does not feel person yet, as much as she feels collections of attractive traits and ideas. Half-Ishgardian, half-doman, miqo'te, raised at Gridania, Dragoon, adventurer, defender of weak! People looking this  from outside... may find it really hard to find her believable, interesting character yet.


Good thing is, since she is just draft still, everything is possible and she is as goos as empty canvas. Choose one thing to start over from, to focus on.


You really, really want her to be Dragoon, part of current generation of peerless dragonslayers, carrying millenia old martial legacy? Do some reading, title of Dragoon is much more than fancy lance and cool armor. I'm sure you can find enthusiastic Dragoon and Ishgardian lore gurus here from this board. Also, knowing Ishgardians I demand some incredible writing to detail how Alyssa did leave such an exellent impression to someone important enough that she was "urged" to join Knights Dragoon. There has to be more than killing dragon here! :DD

I mean, old habits die hard, though lovely Aymeric is currently trying his best, it is going to take more than generation or two to leave history of strict religious control, isolationism and constant war behind.


What about her lineage? I mean, Alyssa's parents' story sounds very interesting already! Hydaelyn is closer to pre-modern than modern world, and back then, before commercial flights and stuff, extracontinental traveling was time consuming, expensive and dangerous. What made her father do such a gamble as to travel as far as to Aldenard and to go through that hardships that is to get inside Ishgard to do business. Like, I doubt Ishgard has been North Korea level isolated, but surely there must be whole lot hoops to jump through perfectly to be accepted in, and I can just assume market there is regulated by the church. Plus the place is mostly hyur and elezen populated. What is her mother's family history?   


Again, I'm not saying "get rid of everything!" because that is silly and closeminded. Good writer can make most extraordinary ideas to work, but just like excellency at anything else, it takes time and effort. Looking forward to see what path you are going to take with ALyssa.

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The replies here have been great! I'm not discouraged at all. I never role played in WoW but I'm much more used to the idea that your character is a "Mage" for example and thats just the way it is. The simple fact that Tauren cant be mages in the same way a Miqo'te probably isnt going to be a dragoon just never really crossed my mind.


I'm not a fan of using 3000 loopholes to make a character so I have a few newer ideas to go with. 


1. I'm either going to make Alyssa a Hyur. Which I dont mind too much seeing as Miqo'te and Au'ra might be a little overdone. 


2. Level up Bard in this pre expansion gap and make her an archer type character.


3. I'll probably main tank in Stormblood now that I know how to actually play the game so I can use some of the same ideas I had for her as a dragoon just as a paladin or greatsword wielding character.


Like I said this is my first attempt with writing a character so I appreciate all the help you guys have given me so much!

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Welcome to the community!


I'll make this simple and brief since others have already offered their opinions:


If you'd like help in any way, feel free to send me a PM.  If you're a new player, I'll help you with gear.  If you'd like to RP with someone and get tips, such could be done as well!


Hopefully you fall in love with RPing as much as the rest of us have!  It's a great way to add more value and depth to a game, as well as meet new people of like minded interests.


Look forward to see you become a potential regular member of the RP community!

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