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Yep! I've always seen healing magic as more of a patch-up. It repairs the injury slightly and keeps it from being life-threatening, but doesn't just make it vanish completely. Like getting stitches, just magical ones.

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Most of the RPers I've encountered view magic like this. Don't worry. :) A lot of us even refuse to use Raise for bringing someone back from death, since we're technically KO'd, not dead! There's plenty of evidence in game that magic is definitely not a cure-all.

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I don't really want to hijack your directory profile page, but since the topic came up I figured I would just add a quick aside that this is described briefly in the RP handbook sticky post (just click "RPing Injuries and Healing Methods" in the Table of Contents).


Also, there was an interesting thread awhile back discussing a few various interpretations of how healing magic should work.  It's always been one of those subjects I've held pretty dear to my own RP and I sometimes fret that I might cross some line, since different RPers always have such different views.  In any case, I'm really sorry to derail but I thought the links might be helpful and that discussion thread could always be [necro]bumped if there are differing views to share.

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