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  1. I feel as though I learned a fair bit having read this thread and most of its posts. My character however wouldn't be abiding by any of this due to how and who he was raised by. I'm that small percentage that maaay be looked down upon for having a male Miqo'te who knows nothing about the clans, his culture, etc. ^^;
  2. Slapping a spot because you complained.
  3. Bringing a whole crew from GW2? Not bad, not bad. Good to see you again, Loki. I hope whichever server you and your friends decide on will treat you grand-ly!
  4. Friday? I'll finally be able to make it this time~ You can count on me.
  5. ARR is a reboot of the original XIV. It's not a new game, but rather a rebooted re-release. They took the original, changed a whole lot of crap, and now we're beta testing it. If people are given the option to use their 1.0 characters, they should be able to. It's that simple, whether people like it or not.
  6. Two of my most-favorite comic book heroes would have to be (in no particular order) Spider-Man, and Nightwing. I love many heroes, but these are literally the only ones I fanboy over /so much/. I don't believe they have any influence in how I RP, but they have a lot of influence in why I choose to play hero-type characters instead of villain-like characters. I don't really have much else to say on the matter though.. ^^;
  7. That explains the subligar I got from a quest..
  8. I was always on the see-saw about this when it came to the new Ryuki. I wasn't sure if I wanted him at the battle and transported, or at the battle and endured the next five years. It's a pretty big thing, but I don't know exactly how I want to play it out. If he was transported, I'd likely do something (although I find it kind of cheating..) where he suffers from memory loss of the battle and is transported like the bunch. However, if he stayed behind then.. what would he have done? Another thing to take into consideration is his childhood friend, Caysen. If he was transported, what would have happened in the five years Ryuki was missing, 'til the day they reunited? ..Head hurts. Could anyone suggest something to go off of, please?
  9. Oh boy, oh boy. My turn! 1.0 - Started as a Hyur as you can clearly see. 2.0 - Became a Maleqo'te, also clearly seen.
  10. Faiz


    Horrible. Who would want to RP with such a person? Kidding. Yay for Caysen aka bff. <3
  11. I'm okay with facial scars and whatnot, especially when they apply.. however I'll admit that I only add them if /I/ like how it looks on this character or that character. Originally, Maleqo'te Ryuki had s scar over his right eye and one over his cheek, but it looked extremely off and bad. I made an alternate look to him and ended up liking that one better. SWTOR, most if not all off my characters have scars. Those who don't.. we're meant to be that way, according to my perception. While I more so or less enjoy your post, I don't feel as though (generally speaking) I should be looked down upon by others for it.
  12. I like this style. It comes off "playful" and I'm pretty into that~
  13. Token Asian guy, sup.
  14. Sorry, let me approach from a neutral perspective then: I don't believe there'd be enough people to merit spending money on a server, which in turn would be a waste of money.
  15. As much as I enjoy voice chat, I don't agree with having a means of such. The whole "strengthening the community" doesn't make sense to me 'cause as far as I can tell and have been witnessing/experiencing, the community's already strong. Yeah, there's people who stand out more than others, but that just means they enjoy talking more (or putting themselves out there instead of lurking/staying on the sidelines). I'm not into a cliquey atmosphere and that's been a problem with past MMO's I've RPed in. Guild Wars 2 being the prime example. While the community itself was big, you could easily tell who was part of what clique, and a lot of those not included in such groups had a hard time when it came to many things, RPing included. Maybe I'm ranting, but it originally sounded like a good idea to have a means of voice chat until I read Kylin's post.
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