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Veteran MMOer, newbie RPer


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After lurking for a few days I decided to take the leap and get to know my first rp community. I guess you aren't such a scary bunch after all... I warn you, I have a tendency to ramble and my native language isn't English.


RP history


After admiring rp from afar I thought, why not. I'll try to start rp for real in FFXIV! My rp history actually started back in early teens with some forum based dog roleplays but I never got hang of them. On top of the strict rules I really abhorred the forum platform. I guess I need some sort of ready made environment to make it feel real~ in Wow I accidentally rolled on rp server and discovered mmo roleplaying. I thought it was really cool but was scared to try it myself since I lacked the knowledge of Wow lore.


After getting tired of Wow, Aion, Rift, GW2 and other random mmos I gave up and decided to wait for something new. I never labeled myself as Final Fantasy fanatic but I enjoyed playing the games I got my hands on(VI, VII, IX, XII, XIII). Without a mmo to kill my boredom with I threw in beta application to XIV ARR.


Since I don't have time anymore for hardcore pve and just rolling around as social feels pointless I wanted to try something new. So here I am!




Creating my first character is still in works but luckily there's time... I might be a bit perfectionist so I want to know as much as possible about the lore before deciding on anything.


I actually have a question for those better informed! If I understood right, Realm Reborn takes place five years after Bahamut had destructed everything. Does it mean that essentially the characters of ARR get returned to the present the moment we start playing? So that they spent five years in the supposed rift or timejumped with no idea of what happened between. And did they age? Thanks in advance for clarification! :love:


By far I have a female Miqo'te Keeper named Nhyra. She lost her memory after returning from the rift. She wakes in a midst of an extinguished forest fire and gets flashbacks Bahamut's attack. She has no idea who she is. I wrote a small entry on her tumblr here. I plan to write some recent history up in the journal so she has atleast figured something out by the time I can rp in game. Deciding on a name would be a good start... It's all hazy and mysterous by far and even the first part might need modifications after getting an answer to my lore question.


Other stuff


I might not have huge amount of time to play but I will try to make best of it. My foremost goal with XIV ARR is to have a great time and get to meet lots of people, hopefully make some friends too.


When not spending time on computer I try to work on other hobbies like drawing or learning to play guitar. I also own few BJDs(since I spotted another hobbyist here ;> ). In future I also want to try out cosplaying! Maybe as certain Miqo'te...


Yours sincerely,


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Welcome! It's nice to see a new face in the RP community. Please ask any questions you may have, and be sure to check out the wiki and the lore forums!


As far as your question about the skip, we don't think that we age, and yes, we believe, with the information we currently have, that we just pop out and pop back in as if nothing ever happened. But we're not 100% sure of that lore-wise yet. So as soon as we know, we'll let you know. ^^

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Welcome, welcome!  Don't be scared to dip your toes in the water or just jump right in!


There's a helpful RP Handbook sticky post for folks who may be a bit newer to RP (linked in my sig).  It's a bit lengthy but allows you to kind of skip around to various sections depending on what you're most interested in learning about.  And if you're working on what your character might be like, it may be helpful to see a list of other characters in the community - the wiki directory that Deirdre manages is a good place to get some info about what other RPers' characters are like!


And if you have any questions or anything, please feel free to post or ask any of us.  We're all pretty nice and eager to help!

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As far as your question about the skip, we don't think that we age, and yes, we believe, with the information we currently have, that we just pop out and pop back in as if nothing ever happened. But we're not 100% sure of that lore-wise yet. So as soon as we know, we'll let you know. ^^


I'm glad to know I didn't totally miss this piece of information when browsing around. Thank you for your reply!


And I thank everyone else too for the warm welcomes. I will surely ask if something comes to my mind. I will also take a look at all the new RP guides suggested when piecing my character together^^

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Welcome! Those who were at that final battle were transported (though we don't know that /everyone/ who was there was), "untouched by time" therefore un-aged. I wouldn't blame her amnesia on the timewarp itself. Perhaps she got knocked upside the head or something during the battle? We also don't know yet where we "appear" afterwords, which we're all hoping to find out soon so we can begin RPing again.


Of course, no one is saying you have to take the timerift--a majority of the RPers that I've talked to are NOT taking it/weren't at the battle at all! :)

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New info is appreciated, ty!

I never thought my character would've been in the battle, since she wasn't quite so trained then. Maybe roaming the area nearby spying on the events? Hmm. She could've gotten knocked uncoscious somewhere near the battle and thanks to her condition got the amnesia... Ah well, I still see her gotten timewarped.

Would be so much easier if the game was out already :D

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Yea it would be. From my perspective only those who were brave enough to stand and fight were the ones who got timewarped (implied by another trailer as well as it appearing that it was the adventurers who Louisoix was protecting from Bahamut's wrath). Unfortunately we don't know how bad the destruction was just yet..

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Welcome~! Pleases make yourself at home~


As a small aside, I'm going to agree with Aysun on the amnesia thing. I think for a lot of people amnesia has become a cliche way to go about establishing a character. You could try a different route if you're going for an extremely naive type. Maybe they've just moved to the big city from tribal Miqo'te culture and they miss some common sense stuff?


If it's what you'd really like to do, though, I'm certainly not going to judge you :3. In the end, amnesia plots CAN be pretty fun and RP should be about having fun, yes?

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Welcome to the forums and the community!


Good to have you here! :)


Unfortunately I wasn't around at the end of 1.0 and the information that's been released so far for the time jumpers is quite limited, so I can only echo what others have said in this thread!


Fingers crossed, though, that more information is released soon so you can develop your character the way you want! :)


Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and in-game come release! :D

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And thank you all again for the warm welcomes!


Regarding my character I decided to go different route after all. Unfortunately all my plans die to the lack of information.. like I couldn't find a map of whole Eorzea except one in language I couldn't read ;)


But I think best things come bit by bit and it's exciting to wait for new information.

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