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Knew I forgot something

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Okay so I've just been throwing my weight around here like I'm totally the smarty mc nerd pants around here when I've seriously got no clue what I'm talking about half the time aside from speculations from the mountains of half information everyone has access to.  So I should probably take a second and just be like, hey its never too late for first impressions after your first impressions have been first impressed. 


MMO Background - 


I can't say really what would be my full background experience is with MMO's.  If you consider Diablo one, then that would be the beginnings of my journey in the lands of people playing games with a monitor between us.  I didn't dabble in anything more than that until I found out about FFXI and was instantly hooked on the idea being a derpy FF fanboy. 


Started playing FFXI on PS2 at my fathers during my summer vacation with him and spent about 3 months playing on a mithra samurai and was completely enthralled in it. I got the game for myself a few months later with my own account on PC and recreated my mithra once more (I liked the dexterity boost, thinking it actually had an impact on jobs)  Nyumo on Asura, I spent probably a good 5 years of on and off again playing and got my Paladin to 63 before ultimately putting the game down with real life getting in the way (was having trouble focusing on school and had to take extra classes to graduate because yeah I was just completely disinterested in school).  After graduating I just felt completely dissolved from FFXI because most of my friends had either left server or the ones who were still there had gotten into a huge drama bomb and finalized my departure from FFXI.


I eventually picked up wow during the WotLK expansion and leveled a Prot Paladin to end game, but because of my inconsistency with when I was on and off I never bothered to get into an end game guild and played for funsies.  I quit playing WoW a little bit before Panda's came out, deciding I didn't spend enough time actually playing the game anymore and was just sinking money into something I was disinterested in. 


I tested FFXIV for its first run and was overall completely stunned at just how mismanaged it was and ended up not buying it like I'd originally planned (had pre-ordered it fully and had to pull that back because of how upset I was).  I understand a lot of people stayed, but I think what ultimately killed the game for me was like not even a few weeks before the game was released I would be in combat and it would say things like "cannot attack this target" while it was beating the snot out of me and I'd have to run to try again to no avail. 


I've dabbled in other MMO's such as Tera, Guild Wars 2, and SWTOR. Though the interest in each game subsequently fell short to the amount of dedication and love I had for FFXI.  I know no game can ever truly live up to your beginnings, but atleast with WoW I didn't get the feeling like it had to live up to my start.  I got spoiled with both games in their own rights that so far I've yet to come across that same passion (atleast until I saw ARR coming, and all hope was restored and I've been gushing about it since)


RP Experience -


Yikes, if you thought my MMO background was 'extensive' (jk I'm sure I'm still just a big baby when it comes to mmo's) then imagine the RP experience.  I just can't even begin to think of where to start with this.  I've been roleplaying since I was 11 (I'm almost 26 now) way way back when, when there was a program (I THINK it was mirc) that you could have characters pop up with different expressions to whatever you typed, it was the VERY beginning for me and I do miss that experience but that was (to me) back when the internet was still a fledgling.


After that whole shenanigans I started perusing through yahoo group rp's and came across a Jedi rp (because star wars was a huge thing for me as a kid, don't know why) and that was such a huge transition into a whole different realm because these were people who were completely versed in literature and a whole world at their beck and call and I was along for the ride as their padawan learner of a race completely of my own (jk I was just some guy with cat ears and a cat tail... wait that sounds familiar... eh whatever it reminds me of I'll think of it later)  It was also the first time I'd experienced the romantic side of rp, in which my mentor was a person of admiration and affection, jedi code be damned. 


Somewhere along the lines the whole group died from inactivity, not sure who was the original instigator but it was quite disappointing because the big bad was never really dealt with.  I've since bounced through the rp realms, including by not limited to avidgamers, gaia online, neopets (ha...), and other miscellaneous sites I have long since forgotten because they are literally relics beyond ever being found again.


One of the last roleplays I've done was for a Dynasty Warriors scenario, in which I played a follower of the big bad of their setting.  Remember that time I mentioned I'm not adverse to being on the back end of a bad situation?  I was the devil incarnate in this setting, despite my 'leader' being the main villain in the group, he was not the one to raise his fist to his adversaries.  He was diplomatically evil, I was his sword and thus the whisper in his ear for continued bad doings and conflicts.  Death was the name of the game and everyone was on the losing end of the game, blood was his paint and his blade was the brush.  Still had to be like one of my favorite recent rp's I've had the pleasure of attending, sadly I got sucked into more real world stuff and had to put the blade down and that kind of ended a lot of the conflict on the board.


Character ideas/info -


K'tharl is currently up in the air as there is a lot of unknown going on with how ARR will be perceived with everyone coming back from their 5 year slumber (or how those who didn't get warped will see the world after the wrath of bahamut was unleashed). So far the only solidified facts about him will be that his was orphaned far into his past that he doesn't recall anything of having his own birth family aside from a keepsake that hangs from side bangs (undetermined object, hairstyle with not much in character creation yet).  Depending on whether or not K'tharl will be inherently good is still undecided but is leaning towards a brainwashed youth into espionage (youth as in like 20 when Dalamud falls, 25 when ARR starts)


Character quirks may be but are not fully hashed out, he will more than likely be of the sarcastic and/or snarky attitude, mild flirtation depending on the situation.  Will fiddle with the keepsake in his hair regularly while conversing with others.  If I go the route of Garlean subjugate he will have either a tattoo or a brand of their flag on his ribcage under his right arm. 


More to come when I know what my brain is telling me (aside from maiming innocent lalafell)


How did you learn about the coalition? -


Was partaking in the wonders of reddit's FFXIV subreddit and saw people inquiring about roleplaying with the game and now you're stuck with me mwuahhahaha.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


I am usually medium to heavy in the roleplaying aspect (in terms of forum based atleast, I am terrible at in game roleplay for some reason because my minds eye is better than my own two)  If you catch me in game and want to rp, it may be dumbed down to light because I have to put a lot of thought behind what I rp sadly.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I'm just an average joe drudging through work each day, currently my hobbies are listening to music and league of legends.  I am currently working on getting a different shift at my job so that I can be awake at regular times to get back into my old passions of regular concert going and weekend adventures out of town.  It's been a crazy road for myself with a lot of traveling in just the last 4 years (3 different states, 5 different cities?)  Aside from that I'm just a super chillax guy that is about as mellow as it gets.



Well that sure was a lot of words, I wasn't actually expecting to put as much as I THINK I have, I mean it could've been a lot more (I skipped some HUGE points in my rp world to try and save on all the wordage and tried to keep it relevant to more entertaining stories)  So yeah first impressions are re-had now.  Cupcakes



TL;DR Words words words words

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Welcome!!  Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on things and your character ideas for ARR sound interesting.  Looking forward to making your acquaintance IC "on the inside" when the game goes live and RP starts up again.  :D

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