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Screenshot Dare!

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[align=center]Rules are simple![/align]



1. Post an accurate screenie of the poster's above dare using your character. Can't dare someone unless you fulfill the dare :thumbsup:.(Be creative, but don't cheat like someone says to hug Garuda and then get a summoner's pet Garuda to hug).


2. Dare the following poster to do something in a certain place with a certain enemy, NPC, or etc with certain clothes on or any variation of these. No limits(within reason).


3. Try to be reasonable. Like not requesting someone to use an emote from the mog station, a skill that doesn't exist after SB, hacks, or something from years ago that no one can obtain anymore.


4. This isn't a rule but it'd be cool if we keep the requests as current dares than sceenshots we've already taken in the past. Make it a quest to complete someone's dare in game sorta thing. (i.e. someone dares you to wave at Alexander, and you already have a screen of it from months ago rather than going in game now to wave at Alexander currently.)




I'll start us off easy. Say someone dared me to get a shot of me frozen in mid air during Shiva's limit break.



I dare.... the next poster to get a close up shot of them using /shrug or /huh while the primal Ifrit is in the air with the big fireball attack. Facing the camera :P.


P.S. Unless specifically requested, having UI hud up or not doesn't matter so long as you're fulfilling the dare.

:cactuar: Good luck! :cactuar:

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Okay, that one was much harder to get than I remember lol. Didn't know he knocks back each time he does that lol. So I'ma make a new one, slightly more reasonable lol.


I DARE... you to /dote or /blowkiss your favorite primal. Someone start us off :P

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Well I got bored and taking screenshots with primals sounded fun. Hope it's okay to necro a month old thread.





Tsubaki's absolutely fascinated with stories of Leviathan. She simply cannot fathom how people have defeated it! It was also the closest thing to some stories her parents told her from their homeland...until Shinryu showed up that is.





Tsubaki also really likes the idea of hugging a big Moogle...





And have you seen how cute those Wind-up Garudas are?!

(This one's a lot messier because I tried to get it to look like they were blowing each other kisses.)



So per the rules of the thread I, uh...

I dare someone to hop on a porter and get a picture of a place you (or your character) loves as you ride by.

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