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Little Ala Mhigo (lore?)

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Does anyone have any information -lore- on Little Ala Mhigo? I remember having to go there for the storyline in 1.0, but silly me I don't remember what I read and I can't seem to find anything online.


What I'm specifically looking for is when it was founded, or a general idea.


The Garlean's occupied Ala Mhigo in 1557, so the refugee's fled to the twelveswood shortly thereafter. Was Little Ala Mhigo founded later that year, or is it a new incarnation closer to 1572? (present day before the fall of Dalamud)


Thanks in advance to whosoever has the answer. :thumbsup:

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As far as I know, there was never any concrete date set in stone about Little Ala Mhigo's creation. I'd guess anywhere from 8~9 months to 2-3 years after Ala Mhigo's fall because of certain elements that I'll touch on later. The only things we do know is that it is obviously a haven for Ala Mhigan refugees.  I believe it's mentioned that the reason for it's creation was because of tensions between refugees and Sultanate citizenry. They clashed often, and a lot of Ul'dahn nationals saw the Ala Mhigans as parasites. Many refused to work and basically leeched off the sultanate or begged in the streets. They probably still weren't on the best page with the rest of Eorzea as well, given their warmongering past and at the time of it's fall, absolutely massive turmoil because of King Theodoric. Slaughtering your own people in droves isn't exactly an appealing impression.


Suffice it to say, I'm fairly certain it was mentioned that a large group left Ul'dah because they felt oppressed and unwanted. Most couldn't find work (though some found jobs with the Brass Blades, or fought in the Coliseum, like Raubahn), and food and water wasn't exactly readily available to them. Little Ala Mhigo was formed to give those who didn't feel comfortable in Ul'dah a roof (albeit a natural one) over their head.


Though this isn't to say that Ul'dahns completely ignored them. There was actually some alchemists from Ul'dah parked in Little Ala Mhigo administering medication to the sick and injured, as well as others who occasionally brought by what supplies they could. The working class most likely got along well with the refugees. It's just the snooty nobles that left a sour taste in their mouth.

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