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Shameless self-promotion of resources


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Many of you probably know that I'm the writer of the weekly roleplaying column over on Massively. Those of you who don't know that... well, there it is. It's an open secret, especially if you look and see Rhio showing up in several pictures throughout the column's history.


Anyhow, I just finished up a big project to get the column organized into a single directory, so the archives can be browsed by topic instead of chronology. (I skip around a lot in terms of topics.) The result is the Storyboard Library, which is not the catchiest possible name but is at least fairly descriptive.


While there's some stuff in there about starting roleplaying, this is not a resource akin to Eva's spectacular RP handbook compilation; the focus is on improving your roleplaying and finding new ideas, not getting anyone familiar with the core concepts.


I'll admit this is a bit self-serving, but it's been a long project and I'm eager to get more eyes on it, especially with some of the lessons in the column having been taken directly from experience in FFXIV. Hopefully you'll find it useful.

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There certainly is a lot to read! But after browsing few articles all of it sounds very useful too, at least for a newcomer like me. Already I got few new ideas for my character and so on...


Thank you for your hard work and keep it up o/

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