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The old returnee

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I just thought I would come to post in the welcome desk since it has been about 9 months since I last played Final Fantasy 14 and with that role played within the game. At the moment I have been playing around with remaking my character and the idea came across to make her into an Au Ra but be within the Xaela. The specific tribe that really caught my eye was the Qestir tribe due to the fact that they forsake the use of words since they hold the belief that all words are lies. Normally since I role play a character that likes to trash talk others, this route seems to be a challenge for she will not be speaking. I wanted to throw the idea around of either using some form of hand signals or for her to carry around something that could be written on. If you all were considering this type of silent character, how would help your character to come to communicate with others?

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Welcome back to the game!


Depends how detailed you wanted to get with it? Hand gestures would be the more vague of the two when it comes to communication, but depending on how you handle the language barrier, may be the easiest. For instance, does she write in Doman or Eorzean? (I think they are different languages?) Maybe she's fluent in both? If not, and you do RP language barriers, hand signals is the way to go.

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Hey there, and welcome back aboard to the RPC and to Balmung! :thumbsup:


Silent characters are a real challenge, but your foremost weapon is going to be emotes in order to make up for the lack of actual speech. Handsigns, expressions, and even writing are all perfectly good and viable ways to compensate!

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