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Could someone please explain this time jump void thingy people so often discuss in these forums? I am assuming characters who start when the game goes live in August (like mine) will not have been a part of it, but should they be aware of it? And that some people out there were a part of it?



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The "rift/void" some refer to (or time-skippers, etc.) is something that can be seen in the End of an Era video where Louisoix effectively transports a number of people from the area as a last-ditch effort when Dalamud explodes and Bahamut attacks.


Someone else can probably link the video since I'm at work and all that stuff is usually behind firewalls.  :)


Some characters (Eva being one of them) who were at the site of the battle are considering themselves being transported into this rift where they remain "untouched by the passage of time" and will emerge five years later (1577) as though no time had passed at all.  This will make for a lot of interesting interactions with those "stay-behinds" who did not transport.


As far as the lore itself goes, we're not sure of how these newly emerged people will be regarded, whether those who stayed behind are aware that their friends might still be alive or are feared dead, etc.  There's just not a lot of specifics available yet surrounding how they will be regarded.  Though I think I read somewhere that they may be called "hollow beings" since the last five years have transpired without them and they are void of those experiences.


I hope this helps a little.  It's sort of a confusing anomoly.

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