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Deirdre - Draw My Life

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(I'm taking a bite out of Gerik's thread and making my own one of these (Since he badgered everyone >.>) and since it's easy and it doesn't matter what it looks like, I can manage it even with my EXTREME lack of creativity lately. I kind of wrote it in the way Deirdre would, it's not as awesome as the way Gerik wrote his! xD So, enjoy, I'll try to update every day or so.)


Hail. My name is Deirdre Ta'ea and I shall be drawing my life for you.





I am 28 cycles old, born on the 3rd Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon of 1549. I am a full Wildwood Elezen born to a long generation of farmers and blacksmiths.




This is my family. My mothers name was Raien, she used to wear heavy perfumes and large dresses that made her bottom look very large. My Papa's name was Nichiel, he was very strong and used to wear his hair in a very long braid. My brothers name is Bancroft, but I just called him brother. He is not of my kin, but lived with my parents before I was born.




I was born in a small village halfway up a mountain, north of Eorzea in a land known as The Garlean Empire. For some reason, those people who draw maps cover it in clouds, I think maybe they believe it all to be very foggy.

It is not.

Our village sat on a mountain pass between the seas and the cities.




When I was young I enjoyed climbing trees, sometimes to hide from the other boys or my mother. My brother never kept his eye off of me for long, lest I get in to trouble. I have fallen out of a tree once, it hurt very much.






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