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Excited for being a 1.0 launch player ^_^

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I just got a glimpse of the fact that people who owned the collectors version with registered accounts will be able to obtain the Realm Reborn Collectors Edition items once the game goes live.

This excites me Immensely <3


So far providing we had registered characters and accounts prior to shifting from 1.0 to A Realm Reborn our characters sill still remain intact correct? This is probably my single biggest worry as I hadnt had a chance to do much with my previous time w/1.0 and last i saw I still had characters listed on Balmung I think it was and another server when I logged into my account page.

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1.0 characters should be in tact, yes. They're being imported for phase 3 (though they'll be wiped before phase 4, but brought back).


Also keep in mind that the 1.0 collector's edition owners only get the digital 2.0 items (coeurl mount, etc). If one wants the physical 2.0 collector's edition items (soundtrack, art book, 7th umbral era dvd, etc), one has to purchase the new collector's edition. This also applies to the pre-order items (moogle cap and cait sith minion). 1.0 players will not receive the pre-order items unless they actually order the game (this was confirmed by a dev post the other day on the official forums). Hopefully that clarifies any misconceptions.


Very excited to have my old characters back as well though ^.^

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Yea I saw it was for the digital in game items, at the very least thats still awesome they're treating us old members well though. I may have to consider grabbing the Realm Reborn pre order and adding to my existing account, I do so hate to miss nice collector's edition goodies with games I like heh.


Having my single character I had started when i discovered where the rp community called home kept in tact is all I really want. Wasnt that far in progression but I had put in some time in gathering items, resources and harvesting stuff while developing skills in several disciplines/classes. As well as having tried to obtain the required items to try and craft my Kabuto helm and a set or 2 of the old xmas-ish dream gear to have both of my retainers wear.


I guess I need to track down to see (had caught an article mentioning it briefly) what was to become of our characters' retainers and our amassed inventories of stuff heh.

As long as its been since I played ontop of the revamped combat system I've heard about it's going to almost be like playing an entirely new game again like a good ol day 1 noob.. ahhhhh good times

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Im also excited for the 1.0 player perks. I will be pre-ordering the ARR CE when I get home today for the extra items. I remember playing when the game first realeased and then picking it up again when it was $14.00 and free to play. It was still disappointing, so I stopped playing again. I am really excited for ARR and getting to experience it with an rp community. I was looking at my SE account page and I had a pair of goggles on my account, though I cant remember what those are from.

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I did spend like 50 hours crafting (did most of it before Yoshi's team took over spent like 5 hours alone crafting down buffalo leather :dazed:), but I think I am going to start over fresh for 2.0. I already killed off my old character so I can RP a new one. I am happy they are giving us those digital items though :D. I just hope they let us keep our CE items from 1.0...I actually liked the Onion Helmet look.

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I wanted the goggles that came with boxed pre orders , but i was happy with my CE edition set and my certificate that ive kept safe but plan to get a frame for now that im working again.. course i think I'm going to give them more of my $ and get the CE for ARR

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Well I couldnt resist, even knowing Id be getting ARR's digital CE items for free I went and threw in a pre order for the full CE set heh. Course now I'm going to end up with 2 security tokens O.o


I am also a 1.0 CE owner. And I threw my money at gamestop for both a PS3 and PC CE of ARR >_>... Needless to say I'm holding a contest to give away the extra pre-order code and the 2 CE codes. :3  And also giving away the contents of one CE boxes as 1st place and runner up prizes. xD I mean I coulda saved them for selling later down the road.. but *shrug* Spreading the joy is what I do these days!

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Happened to think about this the other day, what with the story starting new with ARR, I'm figuring theres going to be a new intro experience for new players/characters.


Im assuming that those of us bringing our old characters out of sleep when the game goes live may not get to experience it? Like when we initially chose which of the 3 nations to start out of, or will we just use our existing characters and start through them?


I really need to go and read through the latest updates off the main site, I wouldnt be surprised if my answer is there lol.

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