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Tim'a - Draw My Life

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(After I saw you guys do this I wanted to do one too! The story of Tim'a and how he avoided any involvement in the events of version 1.0)


Hello. Hm... I'm Tim'a Fei. And this is a drawing diary of my life. (Why am I doing this exactly....?)



I'm currently 28, and a Miqo'te (which I shouldn't have to tell you, just look at me) of the Keeper of the Moon clan.



My family is small and private. Growing up, we always kept to ourselves in the depths of the Twelveswood. I have one sibling, a younger brother named Vi'to. He's a runt.



For the early part of my life, nothing interesting happened, I guess. I barely ever left the Wood and at first I didn't mind it, but as I got a little older, I got damn bored.



After I turned 14, I couldn't take it any longer, so I left home. I haven't spoken to my parents since then, but they're probably furious. I have seen my brother since, though, he's still a runt.



For two years I explored Eorzea. Exciting things happened, I guess... do you really need to know about it?



I knew how to fight, but -maybe- I was a little unprepared for some of the monsters out there... I earned my share of scars. The beasts weren't always the problem though, bandits were worse.



When I was 16 years old, while in Limsa Lominsa, I met a pirate captain in a tavern. I impressed him with my drunken hatchet throwing (apparently) and he recruited me.



I spent years of my life with that crew. Harassing ships, stealing, drinking, living out at sea most of the time. They were a bunch of useless ruffians, but then, I guess I was too, wasn't I? I was one of them.



We were out at sea so much we managed to avoid getting involved in the invasion of the Garlean Empire. None of us wanted to fight in the war, we didn't really care. We didn't care about anything but ourselves. I still don't know most of what happened on the continent then...



But after Bahamut was released, everything changed for me.



Five years after Bahamut changed everything on the continent, I finally realized I couldn't stay out at sea any longer. I wasn't happy ignoring reality, when I knew everything was changing back home. So, at age 28, I've returned to Limsa Lominsa to start my life over.



To be continued....




(Bonus Torn Page!)

While I was drinking at the tavern in Limsa Lominsa, some runty little Sun Seeker named P'axi actually hired me to act as his bodyguard... (the rest is illegible)


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