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History Buff & Aether Geek LF Connections!

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Hey there! So I have a connections thread for my Balmung characters, so I figured I'd make a thread for my Mateus character. This is Relana Spiros, dunesfolk lalafell, researcher & scholar, Ul'dahn noble: 






Backstory (short summary)


Born as Relana Lana to a wealthy family from Ul'dah, Rel spent a lot of her childhood wrapped in luxury, but not without work to be done. After Relana's mother became infertile after giving birth to her younger sister, Relana had become the heiress of her father's business, which included multiple gem and silver mines all over Aldernard. Relana's education was a very difficult and heavy curriculum which included mathematics, language arts, advanced sciences, and courtly manners.


Relana grew up and took over the business but had always wanted to study thaumaturgy and travel. She was about to give up on those plans until the Calamity happened. Not only did her parents die, but several of her workers perished as well. She also lost a lot of gil and the majority of her mines. Instead of attempting to save her business, Relana took a different route and became an adventuring thaumaturge with the gil she had. Relana has since become very skilled at her craft and has become a researcher in historical and aetherical artifacts.




Relana is very sophisticated, regal, and graceful upon first glance but beyond her proper exterior lies a nerd who could burst out at any moment to talk and rant about history, magic, the arts, or anything she gets interested in. Due to some trauma that happened when Relana was just sixteen cycles, she also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. She could clean and organize for hours if not stopped. She's also a very routine and 'ritual' based person because of it.


What am I Looking For?


- Connections from her past. This could be anything from a childhood friend to businessmen/women who worked alongside her dad. I also wouldn't mind people from rival families that she had to deal with growing up.


- Merchants/Vendors who are looking for work. Relana and her husband just opened an adventuring supply store called Spiros Sundries and will sell things necessary for crafting or travel to random nick naks. If anyone wants to sell their items, they could work with the Spiros family.


- Friends. Relana loves friends!


- Family. As of right now Relana has a younger NPC sister named Vilana Lana. She's a blank slate right now so I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to play her. I also wouldn't mind half siblings. I haven't given her dad much of a personality, but he could've been unfaithful and had children with other women.


What I'm Not Looking For


- Romance RP. I enjoy it and have no problems with it, but Relana currently has a husband and is off the market.


- Labor/Giving Birth. I really don't like this kind of RP, so I'd rather not be involved. You could either fade to black or just not have Relana there.


Let me know if you're interested! I'd love to get to know more people on Mateus. Thanks! :)

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Relana sounds adorably geeky. My character, Kasumi, is a bit of a researcher of magicks herself, seeking to learn all she can about magical practices and applications. I think the two could get along. Kasumi is from the Far East but has been in Eorzea for about 5 years now so a past connection could be possible. My name in game is Kasumi Tatsu and my discord is Kasumi#3846 if you'd like to talk possibilities.

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